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Merch Codes for Pet Simulator 99! Full List January 2024


In this Article you will know about the new Merch Codes for Pet Simulator 99 Roblox and what it brings for the gamers. Check out the full article and know everything about merch codes for pet simulator 99 January 2024. Pet Simulator 99 codes the most recent Roblox Pet Simulator 99 coupons, which can be redeemed for free gems and PS99 stuff from BIG Games.

 Merch Codes for Pet Simulator 99! Full List December 2023

Pet Simulator is perhaps the most impactful Roblox experience of all time, so it’s no wonder that fans are flocking to the series’ newest entry, Pet Simulator 99. There’s a whole new world of hatching to discover with your pets, as well as side tasks and transactions to accomplish.

What are the Features of the new Merch Codes for Pet Simulator 99 Roblox?

Getting a boatload of free gems in Big Games latest pet collecting game may be as simple as typing a few letters into a box if you’re particularly lucky (and punctual). But, as time passes, we expect PS99 tickets to become increasingly scarce, maybe attached only to actual stuff like plushies, lucky bags, and playsets. We’ve seen this before.

Preston and his team’s third Pet Simulator Roblox game is Pet Simulator 99. Though it is not intended to immediately replace Pet Simulator X coding, it will be the one receiving major changes from now on. If you don’t want to part with your old collection, look into Blade Ball codes or Blox Fruits codes instead.

New Merch Codes for Pet Simulator 99

Here are all of the Pet Simulator 99 cheat codes we’ve discovered. There are no free PS99 coupons available right now. Any unused PSX merch vouchers can be redeemed in PS99.

Is there any Expired Pet Simulator 99 Codes

There are currently no Pet Simulator 99 codes that have expired.

How can we use the New Merch Codes for Pet Simulator 99?

It is far easier to redeem Pet Simulator 99 coupons than it is to obtain them. To use PS99 codes, simply log into the game, hit the pet grid button at the bottom, and then access the store via the shopping cart icon that appears in its place.

Essentially look over the entire way to the lower part of the store screen from that point. In the corner, you’ll find a pennant with a Recover button. Tap on that.

To collect your prizes, enter a valid Pet Simulator 99 code into the box on the screen and click the huge green ‘Redeem!’ button.

 Merch Codes for Pet Simulator 99! Full List December 2023

Where can we get extra Merch Codes for Pet Simulator 99?

Codes for Pet Simulator 99 may be available in a variety of locations. The BIG Games Discord is your best chance, with fresh codes most likely appearing in the Announcements or Update-log channels or wherever the team uploads patch notes and other such items.

Another place to look is the BIG Games Twitter page. You may set up alerts to be the first to learn about new codes. You’ll only receive pings for non-code postings. Individual engineers may likewise share codes on their Twitter destinations, so you might need to dig through a ton to get what you’re searching for. To that end this page was made.

Finally, the merch codes for Pet Simulator 99 are likely to include tangible game merchandise. Pet Simulator X merchandise from your local toy store, as well as any purchased from the BIG Games Pet Simulator 99 website, will function. They will, however, most certainly sell out shortly.

Is there’s way to move our PSX pets to my PS99?

Yes, if you put effort into Pet Simulator X, you won’t have to start Pet Simulator 99 from the beginning. To move your prized Huge, Titanic, and Exclusive pets and eggs, simply follow our Pet Simulator 99 pet transfer tutorial.

Your Diamond wallet will not transfer, thus you need also discover how to obtain diamonds fast in Pet Simulator 99. That way, you’ll have access to all of the pet slots and other enhancements you’ll need to make the most of your old pals.

What’s the Use of the Merch Codes for Pet Simulator 99?

PS99 codes function in the same way as they did in Pet Simulator X. Limited-time plushies give the appropriate pet in-game, however gacha-style figurines, eggs, and plushies come with Epic, legendary, or exclusive dlc codes that give random creatures from rare series.

 Merch Codes for Pet Simulator 99! Full List December 2023


We hope you know everything about the new Merch Codes for Pet Simulator 99 Roblox. If you want to play more Simulator-like games. Check out Bee Swarm Simulator for another massive (and instructive) experience. Pet Capsules Simulator codes are also semi-popular, while Anime Fighters Simulator codes are a classic that is currently receiving major improvements. Or, for some inspiration, look at the greatest Roblox games of 2023.

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