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Most Nerfed Hero in MLBB in January 2024


Most Nerfed Hero in MLBB: Moonton, a subsidiary of ByteDance, developed and distributed Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a mobile multiplayer online combat arena game. The game gained popularity after its release in 2016, particularly in Southeast Asia.

Moonton has told Indian MLBB players that they are working with the government to have it unbanned, but there has been no news since. With additional applications being scrutinized by the authorities, Moonton will have a difficult struggle to have it unbanned. According to our research, US player expenditure on Mobile Legends increased by 33% year on year in the first quarter of 2019, hitting an estimated $5.8 million.

Heroes come and go in the ever-changing world of MLBB, soaring in popularity and rapidly falling out of favor. Some, on the other hand, appear to be a continuous presence in the combat arena, dominating fights and aggravating opponents.

As we approach December 2024, it’s time to take a look at some of MLBB’s most potent alternatives from the 118-player roster and examine whether a few may require a nerf in the future. Here are five heroes that have shown to be unstoppable forces and may require balance tweaks in future MLBB releases.

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Most Nerfed Hero in MLBB
Most Nerfed Hero in MLBB


Helcurt is a top-tier assassin with a focus on Durability. He may also be known for his poke and HP regen abilities, as well as blink and disguise. Helcurt is one of the most feared and lethal killers unleashed by ML. Helcurt was formerly the most banned hero in ML, despite several revisions.

He significantly upset the balance of heroes in ML, where his team won every battle. As a result, he was heavily nerfed, to the point where he was utterly neglected and forgotten despite his exceptional talents and skills.

Mastering Helcurt is worthwhile, and he is regaining prominence after a long period of obscurity. When compare to prior incarnations of ML, he is not as powerful as he once was and may be neutralise. He still has the ability to carry games, but unlike in the past when he could crush other teams on his own, he now need assistance.


Pharsa is a strong mage that can stun foes and do large AOE damage while concealing from extremely great distances, making her a popular choice for both casual and competitive players. The Feathered Air Strike, her ultimate ability, hurls powerful meteors from the sky. Notably, it is also the ultimatum in MLBB that causes the most area damage.

Pharsa also has an excellent passive ability that lets her bird friend Varri to sometimes strike surrounding opponents. Pharsa’s other spells, like as the strong Energy Impact blast, which does a whopping 425 energy damage for a second skill while delivering a Feathered Air Strike, are what make her terrifying.


Hanzo is an Assassin with an amazing ability to swiftly clear lanes and jungles, giving him an advantage over other players. His ultimate ability, Kinjutsu: Pinnacle Ninja, has a short cooldown period and transforms him into an immortal demon with an entirely new set of skills that inflict tremendous physical damage.

He may utilise his ultimate to assault adversaries and return to his natural form without fear of reprisal. He becomes even more unstoppable with the Arrival combat spell, making Hanzo extremely tough to contain in one location. Hanzo has various qualities that allow him to serve as a pseudo-fighter in addition to his great jungle and lane clearing skills and overpowering ultimate.

He possesses the endurance and damage output of a fighter but is primarily restrict to basic assaults. This implies that Hanzo is primarily reliant on his ultimate ability to reach his full potential.


Granger’s ultimate ability, Death Sonata, is one of the primary reasons why he is seen as a powerful marksman in MLBB. This ability converts his rifle into a cannon that fires super-powered bullets that disregard minions and strike heroes. Furthermore, Granger’s Rhapsody ability increases his weapon’s reloading speed, allowing him to deliver even more damage in a shorter length of time.

Putting Death Together Sonata’s tremendous damage output, along with Granger’s ability to swiftly reload his rifle and spray bullets, making him a nuisance in team fights and solo confrontations. It also enables him to easily clear minion waves and knock down turrets, making him a key tool in advancing objectives.

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