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CICI MLBB Release Date, Leaks and More 2024


In this Article you are going to know about Cici MLBB Release Date, Hero Overview and Skill Analysis. With the most recent Patch Update, the new Hero of Cici was launched on the Advanced Server. Her announcement implies that she will be the 123rd Hero in Mobile Legends. This hero is rather unusual and incredible, since she is a physical damage Fighter hero with a Yo-Yo as her primary weapon. She obtains enhanced movement speed and other special bonuses when battling on the battlefield thanks to the Yo-yo.

Cici MLBB Release Date, Leaks and More 2023

Without further ado, let us go over everything you need to know about Cici’s skills and the general hero overview in Mobile Legends. If you want Cici MLBB Release Date then read the full article.

When will Gamers know about Cici MLBB Release Date

After delivering harm, Cici earns a stack of joy, boosting her Movement Speed by 3% every stack and stacking up to 10 times. Cici obtains 30% Spell Vamp at full stacks.

1st Skill: Yo-Yo Blitz CD: 7s (Burst Skill)

Cici tosses Yoyo at the nearest opponent within range for 3.5s, striking them up to 10 times and causing damage equal to 50/60/70/80/90/100 plus 4/4.5/5/5.5/6/6.5 (+1% Extra Physical Attack)% of the target’s Max HP every hit. During this assault, Cici can move and utilize other skills.

9.5s (Mobility) for Skill 2: Buoyant Bounce CD

Cici jumps away from the target area. When she falls on an adversary, she deals 200/220/240/260/280/300 (+40% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to them before leaping again at the desired spot.

45s (CC, Slow) on the Ultimate: Curtain Call CD

Cici throws Yoyo at the target enemy hero and connects them with another adjacent enemy hero, delivering 100 (+10% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage, slowing them by 4%, and dragging them together for 3 seconds.

Cici can utilize Yo-Yo Blitz at this period to strike both linked targets at the same time. If just one target is inside Yo-Yo Blitz’s range. Cici will strike the victim twice, however the second attack’s damage will be lowered to 20/25/30%.

 Cici MLBB Release Date, Leaks and More 2023

Cici MLBB Release Date and Hero Overview

The Character Cici is a one-of-a-kind hero who can quickly obtain a lot of movement speed while battling on the battlefield, this perk allows her to be very nimble and agile on the battlefield. The Hero Cici is highly efficient on the battlefield because her talents do not drain mana. She is also skill-dependent and produces a lot of spell vamp owing to her passive. These incredible abilities have made her viable, letting her to serve primarily as an Experience laner (Exp) or as a Jungler.

Cici gameplay image courtesy MOONTON Games (OzaRess YT) Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.28. When we examine her abilities, we can see that Cici’s Passive ability is extremely cool because it gives more mobility in the form of movement speed. When Cici’s Delight Stacks are full, she earns an additional % Spell Vamp, which is highly valuable during teamfights and ganks.

Analysis of Capabilities

Cici’s First talent is a Burst damage talent that primarily locks on to one enemy target while constantly doing physical damage. Due to its relatively low cooldown, it should be prioritized and considered as Cici’s primary damaging skill.

Cici’s second talent allows her to jump to a chosen direction while causing some damage to them, offering extra mobility that would be handy while attempting to capture enemy targets or run from them.

Cici MLBB Release Date: When will it be Revealed? 

Players are looking forward to meeting Cici, the jovial Yoyo-wielding Fighter Hero. However, players may have to wait until the first few months of 2024 before they may obtain this hero on the Original Server. It’s Coming Cici MLBB Release Date.


In ML 2024, who is the new hero?

Mobile Legends 2024 New Hero Leaks, Nolan Nolan will be the 121st Mobile Legends hero and will play as an Assassin with special powers. You should also know that Nolan is the father of the hero Gold Lane, the most beautiful Layla! You must be quite interested in his abilities; how long will Nolan be released?

Who is the most exposed hero in ML 2024?

14 Mobile Legends’ Weakest Heroes Be Wary When Ranked. In ranked play, Hanabi is regarded as one of the weaker characters in Mobile Legends. Hanabi is a late-game specialist since you must farm first to bring forth his finest. Lamas farming irritates many gamers. This is Hanabi.

Who is MLBB’s first hero?

Miya, the elf archer woman, was the first Mobile Legends character available to users in the game’s early days.

 Cici MLBB Release Date, Leaks and More 2023


Lastly, Cici’s ultimate skill would be one of the most useful skills she has. As it provides a two-man damage link, as well as a rope type of CC-effect. Which prevents enemies from moving apart from each other. The CC effect of this skill can be compared to the link from Carmilla’s ultimate ability, unless, of course, the link wouldn’t break if enemies move far apart from each other. Instead, it even prevents movement when the rope link is stretched.

Apart from the CC, it is also a viable damage tool as it enables Cici to deal damage to both linked enemy heroes when she uses her main damage skill which is her first skill. In brief, Cici MLBB Release date is coming and Cici is another incredible hero with a distinct ability set that allows her to deliver as much Physical Damage to adversaries as possible while maintaining excellent mobility and a minor CC effect from her abilities.

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