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Blox Fruits Update 22! Know Everything January 2024


Hello there Blox Fruit Lovers in this article you will going to know about the latest Blox Fruits Update 22.  Clutch your ocean legs, since Update 22’s tempest of new happiness is going to blow you over the edge.

This ain’t simply a sprinkle of privateer dust, it’s a money box spilling over with invigorating highlights, redid works of art, and secret shocks that will make you sing “Yo ho” for quite a long time into the future. In this way, clean your snares, secure everything, and prepare to jump into the briny profundities of experience.

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What’s on Blox Fruits Update 22

The Kitsune Fruit: Ever longed for turning into a devilish fox soul, disappearing in a puff of smoke and leaving your foes blinking in disarray? Indeed, shudder me woods, the Kitsune Fruit is your pass to that dream.

This legendary demon fruit awards you the force of deception and guile. Poof! You’re gone, disappeared like a phantom. Bam! Twelve indistinguishable yous encompass your enemy, sowing disarray and uncertainty. Kaboom, A volley of foxfire shoots downpour down from no place, leaving your foes seared and dazed. Keep in mind, to whom much is given, much will be expected… What’s more, a ton of tomfoolery.

Dragon Hunter Boat: Riding the Floods of Wrath in the game. Burnt out on those burdensome, slow ships that move like molasses in January? Time to lift the sails on the Dragon Hunter Boat. 

This smooth vessel, enlivened by the fiercest dragons of legend, slices through the waves like a shark on a sugar rush. Shoot your foes with guns that sneak up suddenly more grounded than Kraken’s breath. Release red hot assaults that will make even the most blazing well of lava. It becomes flushed and overwhelm the oceans with speed that will leave different boats lookin’ like kelp. Simply look out for those troublesome krakens and maverick tempests. They have a terrible propensity for dropping in on the party.

What’s New on Blox Fruits Update 22

Blox Fruits Update 22 ain’t just about brand new Features, it’s about polishing the old ones as well. Anticipate new things and items in the game.

Smoother cruising: Route and controls have been straightened out like a privateer’s bunch, making’ voyaging’ a breeze. No seriously stalling’ out on rocks or fightin’ inert menus.

More splendid fights: The world has been given a new layer of paint, with further developed lighting and visuals that will make your fights look like somethin’ outta a privateer’s most extravagant fantasy. Get ready to be astonished.

Adjusted fights: Abilities and things have been changed in accordance with making a ‘battling’ framework that is fair, energizing, and loaded with shocks. Not any more a single shot ponders or overwhelmed capacities.


1.What time is update 22 in Blox fruits?

When is the following Blox Fruits update? The following Blox Fruits update is set to send off on Thursday, December 14 at 9pm EST/6pm PT or 2 am GMT/3am CET for the UK and Europe on Friday, December 15.

2.What update is Blox fruits on?

Roblox Blox Fruits Update 22, ready to be one more effective fix in the experience, is set to present the Kitsune Fruit, Dragon Hunter Boat, and a few revamps. Combined with that, two new Ocean Occasions, Fortune Island and Phantom Boat Attack, will likewise be a piece of the new fix.

3.What is the 10 billion visits update in Blox fruits?

10 Billion Visits Occasion. You could acquire rewards, (for example, fruits and XP supports) by spending Confetti. This occasion presented 2 new reachable things; a Party Cap and an occasion Sea blue Emanation Tone, both of these could be gotten by means of the Party Shop. This was otherwise calling the Update 17 Confetti Occasion.

4.Is Kitsune in Blox fruits?

This fruit is an unimaginably advertising fruit because of its crazy PvP potential. Having a few extraordinary maneuvers, making the fruit gain a staggeringly high worth because of its popularity.

5.How long is 1 Blox Fruit day?

The Moon changes regularly following a switched cycle contrasted with the genuine Moon. Consistently in Blox Fruits endures 10 minutes (5 minutes day, 5 minutes night) meaning the cycle restarts like clockwork (1 hour 20 minutes).

New Accessories in Blox Fruits Update 22

Gold mine of Unexpected, yet invaluable treasures: This update is only a hint of something larger! Secret inside its profundities are secret missions that will test your mind and grit, unseen islands ready to be pillaging and even murmurs of an opportunity to catch a free Kitsune Fruit (if yer sufficiently fortunate!). Keep your eyes stripped, privateers, experience is everywhere.

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Thus, raise the Sprightly Roger and set forth for Blox Fruits Update 22. This is your opportunity to turn into an unbelievable prankster, order a dragon-controlled transport that will make different commanders sob, and experience Blox Fruits more than ever. 

Keep in mind, the ocean is tremendous and brimming with amazement, so go forward, investigate, and manufacture your own privateer legend. May the breeze be at your back, the guns be stacking, and the Kitsune favor your wicked undertakings.

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