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Veiled Sky Wish Event MLBB 2024- How to Get 1669 Promo Diamonds


GameRead the full Article to know how you can get 1669 Promo Diamonds in the Veiled Sky Wish event in Mobile Legends (ML). It can be a thrilling encounter for players. This event offers the opportunity to procure significant promo diamonds, which can be utilized for different in-game buys.

In this Aide, we will investigate the point-by-point steps on the most proficient method to get the 1669 promo diamonds through the Veiled Sky Wish event in Mobile Legends.

 How to Get 1669 Promo Diamonds in Veiled Sky Wish Event 2023

Mobile Legends is known for its consistently advancing interactivity and energizing events. The Veiled Sky Wish event is no special case, offering players the chance to acquire promo diamonds through different techniques. Here, we’ll separate the moves to guarantee you take advantage of this event. Veiled Sky Wish Event MLBB

What is 1669 Promo Diamonds in the Veiled Sky Wish Event 

1. Pre-Register for the Event:

Partaking in the Veiled Sky Wish event frequently starts with pre-enrollment. Watch out for declarations from Mobile Legends in regards to the event start date and pre-enrollment subtleties. Enrolling early can here and there procure you extra rewards, so it’s an incredible method for starting off your excursion toward promo diamonds.

2. Complete In-Game Quests:

When the event is live, you’ll track down a progression of in-game journeys to finish. These journeys can fluctuate in intricacy and may expect you to accomplish explicit goals, for example, winning matches, accomplishing specific scores, or playing with explicit legends. By effectively finishing these journeys, you’ll acquire promo diamonds as remunerations.

3. Use Amusement park Bundles:

In certain cases, Mobile Legends might present festival groups as a component of the Veiled Sky Wish event. These groups can be a phenomenal method for getting promo diamonds and other significant in-game things. Watch out for the in-game store and event declarations to exploit these packs.

4. Watch out for Discounts:

Mobile Legends frequently offers rebate events where you can take full advantage of your promo diamonds. These events might incorporate limited skins, legends, or other in-game buys. At the point when you’ve gathered a lot of promo diamonds, this is the ideal opportunity to capitalize on your assets.

 How to Get 1669 Promo Diamonds in Veiled Sky Wish Event 2023

Steps to Get 1669 Promo Diamonds in the Veiled Sky Wish Event

By following these means, you can actually explore the Veiled Sky Wish event in Mobile Legends and acquire the sought-after 1669 promo diamonds. With this important in-game money, you will have the adaptability to upgrade your interactivity, open energizing skins, and progress further in your Mobile Legends venture.

The universe of Mobile Legends is constantly changing, with new events and open doors continually arising. Thus, remain drawn in, watch out for event declarations, and take advantage of events like Veiled Sky Wish to upgrade your gaming experience. Best of luck, and may your Mobile Legends experience be loaded up with triumphs and exciting prizes.

Unquestionably, we should dig further into the Veiled Sky Wish event in Mobile Legends (ML) and investigate a few extra ways to expand your possibilities of getting those significant promo diamonds:

5. Collaborate for Quests:

A significant number of the event journeys can be more sensible when finished with a group of companions or squad mates. Coordinate with your companions to handle missions that require collaboration. This can make the questing system more productive and pleasant.

6. Day to day Check-Ins:

Remember to sign in day to day. Mobile Legends frequently compensates players with extraordinary day-to-day registration prizes during events. These prizes can incorporate promo diamonds, among other important things, so practice it regularly to sign in day to day.

7. Event Timelines:

Watch out for the event’s beginning and end dates. Understanding the event’s timetable permits you to in like manner plan your gaming meetings. Assuming you have restricted time, focus on finishing missions and exercises that offer promo diamonds.

Here are the Extra Points to Get 1669 Promo Diamonds in the Veiled Sky Wish Event

8. Save for Exceptional Offers:

While it’s enticing to spend your promo diamonds right away, consider saving them for exceptional offers and limits that might show up during the event. Persistence can prompt more huge additions, so don’t be rushed in your spending.

9. Event Strategy:

A few events might offer explicit procedures to expand rewards. Focus on any novel standards or mechanics related to the Veiled Sky Wish event. Understanding these technicians can assist you with finishing journeys all the more productively.

10. Event Updates:

Remain informed about event refreshes by routinely looking at the authority Mobile Legends site or in-game declarations. Updates could present new journeys or rewards that you would rather not miss.

11. Share the Experience:

Playing with companions can make the Veiled Sky Wish event considerably more agreeable. Share tips and techniques with your companions, and consider shaping a group to finish missions together.


How do I obtain a free diamond in ML?

To obtain diamonds, you must first gather coins. Coins may be gained by performing objectives such as playing games, viewing films, or filling out surveys. You may earn coins by completing the following missions: Game to play: You may earn coins by playing games on the Lucky Spin to Diamond app.

How do I get free diamonds in ML?

One of the simplest methods to acquire free Diamonds in MLBB is to stream the MMORPG title. If your broadcasts receive a sufficient number of views, you can seek to become a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) streamer. 

These inventors are rewarded with a large number of Diamonds. The goal is to get enough followers to buy virtual presents for you.

What exactly is zone ID in ML?

Your ID may be found to the right of your avatar on your profile page. Gamers User ID is the first eight digits. Your Zone ID is the four numbers between the brackets.

 How to Get 1669 Promo Diamonds in Veiled Sky Wish Event 2023


By following these extra tips and exploiting the different roads to acquire 1669 promo diamonds, you can take advantage of the Veiled Sky Wish event in Mobile Legends. Recall that events like this proposition energize chances to upgrade your gaming experience and progress further in the game. Thus, hop into the activity, complete missions, and partake in the prizes that look for you in Mobile Legends.

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