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MLBB Influencer Showdown 2024 – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


MLBB Influencer Showdown: The upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) All-Star Showdown 2024 will include well-known MLBB broadcasters, influencers, and professional players from Southeast Asia in five days of action-packed matches.

For the first time, the MLBB Philippine All-Star squad will compete against All-Star teams from the five SEA countries of Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Singapore in the Influencer Showdown 2024 as part of the Influencer event. Sue Ramirez, a well-known actress, will be the star manager of the PH side in the MLBB Influencer Showdown 2024.

MLBB Influencer Showdown
MLBB Influencer Showdown

MLBB Influencer Showdown

The redesigned emblem system, which enables players to create emblem sets exclusive to each hero, is one of the most striking features. With the use of this technology, players may grant their heroes the skills they choose, encouraging a variety of gaming styles. Before, each hero could only have one set of emblems assigned to them.

Although the technology has been simplified, the interactive updating process is still present. Battle Points (BP), which may now be used to buy heroes, will also no longer be required for the cost of purchasing emblems. Later, we will provide more information on the revamp of the symbol system.

The presence of the surprise visitor, which contained silhouettes of five ladies, is one of the most interesting aspects of the teaser trailer. Some fans believe the surprise visitors.

According to many Mobile Legends leakers, will be an MLBB ambassador and a special guest at the upcoming Event.

For the Domestic Stage of the MLBB Influencer Showdown in 2024, four teams will split into two groups.

In their separate groups, each side will face off against the other three times. While the losers are sent to the following bracket, the winners proceed to the next round.

In the final round, the top teams from each bracket will fight to determine which region would represented in the Influencer Showdown’s next round.

Where to watch the MLBB Influencer Showdown

For the international tournament, the six national teams will divided two groups: Group A and Group B. Round-matches will be played amongst the teams in the groups. The top two teams from group proceed to the semifinals, where the winner is determined by a of games.

The teams will compete in a series to determine who will advance to the SEA Grand Finals. Where the semifinal winners will face off against one another.

The MLBB streaming services mentioned below will broadcast games live;

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

It would be interesting to watch which region will win the next MLBB Influencer Showdown.

More About MLBB 

Fans of Mobile Legends may also look forward to immersing themselves in the intriguing narrative of Eruditio & Ixia. Beginning July 1, Eruditio, known as the Land of Dawn’s scholarly capital, will provide a whole new story and lore experience.

To depict the vivid sci-fi city that welcomes heroes from the Land of Dawn. The redesigned user interface (UI) uses a sophisticated blue and purple colour palette. Thanks to a completely improved user interface and map layout. Players will be able to create their own highlights and narratives in Eruditio beginning in September 2024.

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