Layla January 2024 Starlight Skin All Rewards in MLBB

Layla January 2024 Starlight Skin All Rewards: Layla, the Mistress of Malefic Roar, is one of Mobile Legends Bang Bang’s most well-known shooters. She is recognized for her high damage output and talent at leading teams in the final stages of a game. Rush, a brand-new Starlight skin, was given to Layla in January 2024. Fans of Layla will like this skin since it has a fresh, alluring appearance and offers a variety of added features.

We will discuss the Layla January 2024 Starlight Skin All Rewards in great depth in this post. Go through all the information you the skin, its appearance, how it affects skills, and any unique prizes.

Layla October 2023 Starlight Skin All Rewards in MLBB
Layla January 2024 Starlight Skin All Rewards in MLBB

Layla January 2024 Starlight Skin All Rewards in MLBB

The Mistress of Malefic Roar, which can found in the Layla Starlight Skin Rush, features a novel and interesting design. Layla is now decked out in a black outfit that includes a futuristic rifle and goggles. She has her hair in a  to create a more polished appearance.

The Rush skin’s entire appearance and feel are heavily influenced by cyberpunk. The overall design is impacted by the futuristic rifle, goggles, and black-and-white color scheme.The skin includes many bright blue elements that contribute to the cyberpunk aesthetic.

Also included in the Layla Starlight Skin Rush are a handful of brand-new, unique skill effects. Instead of the customary red energy, Layla now shoots a burst of blue energy when she utilises her Malefic Roar ability. In addition, her Malefic Cannon talent now surrounds her with a blue energy field that inflicts damage on nearby adversaries.

Last but not least, Layla’s Moonlight Arrow talent now launches a blue energy arrow that, when it hits an enemy, stuns them. The new skill effects are really eye-catching as a , and they perfectly the cyberpunk design of the skin.

2 New Painted Skin Revealed All Rewards in MLBB

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has released two new skins with unique designs.The first skin, dubbed Rush, is for Layla. Dream Weaver is the title of the second skin, which belongs to Angela. Both skins include innovative and captivating patterns as well as a selection of exclusive goodies.

We will provide advice on how to use skins and their effects on skills and special prizes. The Layla January 2024 Star. The Layla January 2024 Starlight Skin Rush is a brand-new and exciting design for The Mistress of Malefic Roar. Layla has changed into a sleek black costume complete with futuristic goggles, a rifle, and other accouterments. In order to make look more streamlined, she also had her hair back into a ponytail.

The Rush skin has a somewhat cyberpunk aesthetic to it. The futuristic weapon, the goggles, and the colour palette of white all contribute to the design. Fans of “Mobile Legends” can look forward to the release of Moonton’s Layla Starlight Skin in January 2024.

January 2024 Starlight Skin Confirmed Mobile Legends

The Moonton, the Layla Starlight Skin for January 2024 will name Rush. Take a look at the Layla Starlight Skin Rush’s stunning new design! It has an incredible futuristic rifle-inspired appearance.

Layla Starlight Skin Rush’s brand-new and incredible design has a futuristic rifle, a chic black suit, and goggles. Incorporating a futuristic rifle, goggles, and a black-and-white colour scheme, the skin’s design has a cyberpunk vibe to it. In keeping with the cyberpunk motif, the skin also contains blue parts that sparkle.

When utilising her Malefic Roar or Malefic Cannon skills, the skin’s new and exclusive skill effects include a blue energy blast, a blue energy field around her, and a blue energy arrow that stuns foes when it hits them. These aesthetic elements blend in beautifully with the skin’s cyberpunk design.

A border, a new avatar, a new skin chest, an elimination effect, and a recall animation are some of the exclusive awards. Layla may shooting her weapon in the recall animation. Adversaries destroy by the elimination effect by exploding into a shower of blue sparks. Similar to the skin itself, the avatar, skin chest, and border all have a cyberpunk design.

Use Layla’s Malefic Roar skill to poke enemies at a distance, and surround them with a blue energy field to stun them. Build Layla with an emphasis on attack damage and critical strike chance. Stay in position behind their tank and support heroes to make the most of the Layla January 2024 Starlight Skin Rush.

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