Ragnarok Eternal Love Uncle Collab Event – Guide!

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Ragnarok Eternal Love Uncle Collab Event
Ragnarok Eternal Love Uncle Collab Event

While players in Southeast Asia will have to wait a little longer, the Ragnarok M Eternal Love and Uncle from Another World cooperation will start on December 21, 2023, for the EU and Global editions of the game, on December 25, 2023, for players in other regions.

Ragnarok Eternal Love Uncle Collab Event

The TV anime series Uncle from Another World will be collaborating with Ragnarok M Eternal Love, according to a statement released by Gravity Interactive. The news and a major graphic of the partnership were shared on the official game site.

Ragnarok Eternal Love Uncle Collab Event
Ragnarok Eternal Love Uncle Collab Event

The EU and global versions of Ragnarok M Eternal Love and Uncle from Another World will begin to collaborate on December 21, 2023, while the Southeast Asian version will launch on December 25, 2023. Upon returning to his planet from Granbahamal’s fantasy realm, Yousuke Shibazaki from Uncle from Another planet inadvertently finds himself in the Midgards continent alongside Takafumi!

They will pick up where they left off with their previous friends and set off on a brand-new journey with the Adventurers. To get back to their reality, they must finish a number of missions and vanquish the formidable monster! Ragnarok M. Built on the foundation of Ragnarok Online, Eternal Love is a free-to-play mobile MMORPG featuring an open world and all of the profession classes from the first series.

More About Ragnarok Eternal Love Uncle Collab

A new grand-map version of Ragnarok M × Uncle from Another World called Tears of the Tyrant has been released, letting players explore the area and figure out the tyrant’s mystery. With its free-to-play format, seamless 3D to 2.5D transition, and hundreds of headgear pieces, the game is a continuation of the beloved adventure. In RagnarokM, players may try out all of the original RO occupations, test their abilities, and form guilds to fortify relationships.

A catch-up function makes daily quest completion easier and gives new players access to the same benefits as returning players, including faster cross-server PvE teaming, doubled EXP, and access to resources. In casual and competitive PvP and GvG modes, teamwork is essential. This involves delegating tasks carefully and figuring out the best ways to win.

In addition, the game provides a wide range of mounts and cosmetics so that players may customise their look. You may play the game on Discord.gg and Facebook.


What is the best beginner class in Ragnarok Origin?

All things considered, the Swordsman is often the safest option because it’s a fantastic starting point for novices. All things considered, the Archer class is the greatest for solo play. Acolytes are among the most sought-after partygoers, whether or not you choose to participate in group activities.

How to level up fast in Ragnarok Origin Global?

Completing your daily objectives, gaining experience points, and engaging in 30 minutes of Fountain Dancing for 40 Commission Tickets anytime you spot them available are the simplest ways to advance in Ragnarok Origin Global. You may also complete Daily Quest or attempt the Trial tasks in Misty Forest and Anthem with a friend.

Is Monk good in Ragnarok Origin Global?

When it comes to the monk class, the Meta Glove gradually improves at levels 80 and 90 after unlocking at level 70. At level 100, though, it receives a significant increase that makes it a valuable talent. In addition, the class becomes extremely powerful at level 100 as you may do twice as much damage and no longer have to wait for a fixed cast time.


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