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Pet Sim 99 Update 2 Patch Note New Item Bug Fixes and More


Pet Sim 99 Update 2 Patch Note: The Pet Sim 99 Update 2 Patch Note may now be downloaded. Updated now are the Pet Sim 99 Update 2 Patch Notes on the website. Look at By swiping below, you may update the Game Pet Sim 99 2. Fixes for Pet Sim 99 Update 2, New Mode, and Other Significant Updates solved.

Pet Sim 99 Update 2 Patch Notes New Item Bug Fixes and More
Pet Sim 99 Update 2 Patch Notes New Item Bug Fixes and More

In Pet Simulator 99, the festive season has arrived. The Roblox experience received its second major patch today. The topic of this patch is the approaching holidays. It has several new features to enhance the gameplay, such as additional unlocks, regions, and pets.

Pet Sim 99 Update 2 Patch Notes

The Winter Holidays are brought to life for players with this patch. You will see the experience start to snow right away. Additionally, there have festive changes made to the spawn area, including the addition of a Present Machine and an advent tree as decorations.

There are five extra eggs to discover when you unlock these regions, for a total of eighteen new critters to find and acquire. There are new improvements to be found in these regions, a brand-new minigame called Cart Ride, and a new vendor selling the Snowball Launcher.

Pet Sim 99 Update 2 Patch Notes New Item Bug Fixes and More
Pet Sim 99 Update 2 Patch Notes New Item Bug Fixes and More

Bug Fixes- Pet Sim 99 Update 2

  • Stabilised Golden Watering Can one be in reverse?
  • Issue with objects lingering on Rainbow and Golden Booths has been fixed
  • Modified to allow you to auction most charms and exotic goods
  • Fixed Social Reward occasionally not functioning
  • Repaired the incorrect spawning of Coin Jars and Comets in some locations.

New Item Added Pet Sim 99 Update 2

The game introduces five new areas: Cozy Village, Rainbow River, Colorful Mines, Colorful Mountains, and Frost Mountains. Players can now hatch 18 pets from these areas, including 17 Christmas pets from Christmas presents, a new TITANIC, and three huge pets (Titanic Gift, Clan Battle, & Crystal Chest). Additionally, five new eggs have introduced, from the Garden Egg to the Frosted Geode Egg.

Gamer can find more player upgrades in these new areas, including new hoverboards like Rudolph, Sleigh, and Present, as well as trading booths like Christmas and Present. The Crystal Chest has expand with a new Wizard Westie as a rare drop. A Cart Ride into the Preston Minigame can be accessed for rewards.

Pet Sim 99 Update 2 Change

For a brief period of time, the Exclusive Shop is the only place to purchase the Holiday Pack. There are now holiday-theme Titanics in-game, and each one has a corresponding Titanic. Better active big chances, an updated power leaderboard, more diamond loot, and a Daycare Balance adjustment that gives end-game pets more Diamonds and sets a minimum for early-game pets to aid beginning players are among the changes.

Pet Sim 99 Update 2 Feature, Rewards and More

The first Clan Battle is now underway, with the winning clans determined by the number of points at 5 p.m. UTC on December 22. Opening Christmas Presents, which come in sizes small, medium, big, X-big, and Titanic, can award points for players. Gold medals, a large present cat, ten exclusive eggs, a present hoverboard, and a present booth are award to the top five clans.

Clan features include clan combat medals shown on clan website, private clan yell for announcements, and national flags. Through daily missions to gain goodies throughout the Christmas event, the Advent Calendar lets players get into the festive mood. The better the treasure, the bigger the gift.

Players may create larger presents by combining lesser ones using the Upgrade Presents Machine. Rare drops called “Global Ornaments” with a personalist message from the player may be positioned on any tree. Players may locate an elf for a surprise every day by following the Elf on a Shelf locating instructions. Every five randomly locate Small gifts are exchange for a superior Medium Present in the Present Hunt, which gathers gifts across the map.

Randomly appearing in a random location, a Giant Gingerbread Chest Event gives players the chance to win Christmas presents, cash, diamonds, and other prizes. Items that may brake for cash include candy cane breakables, Christmas cookie items, hot cocoa items, and more that can found anywhere.

Snowballs and the Snowball Launcher by the Snow Merchant. And the Friends Rewards programmer pays players for referring friends that assist in getting to area 15. A snowy map, fruit-only eggs, and two new, enormous pets—the strawberry corgi and the hippo melon—are among the holiday decorations.


What does HC do in pet sim?

Pets from Normal mode in Hardcore mode suffer a severe power debuff that renders them nearly unusable as soon as you start.

How do you get noob pet simulator?

In Pet Simulator X, the Noob is an Epic pet. There is a 0.23% chance of obtaining it from the Spotted Egg.


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