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PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update Release Date New Rewards and More


PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update Release Date New Rewards and More: PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play battle Royale video game created by Tencent Games’ LightSpeed & Quantum Studio. It is a Smartphone version of PUBG Battlegrounds. On March 19, 2018, it was Published for Android and iOS for the first time. Here is the Article about PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update Release Date New Rewards and More. If you wants to know more Information about PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update Release Date New Rewards please read this Article. We hope this article will help you and Informative Content for you.

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PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update Release Date New Rewards and More
PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update Release Date New Rewards and More

PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update Release Date:

Announcement of Version 3.0 Beta Update. Version 3.0 beta testing is set to begin on December 7, 2023! Because the beta does not have Regular Planned Updates, The availability of Gameplay is dependent on when the beta is actually Updated with it. Four Different kinds of future features were teased for the Upcoming PUBG Mobile 3.0 Edition.

The most recent Improvements for World of Wonder, Metro Royale, Classic Mode, and the themed game mode are among them. The most basic upgrade will be for the classic mode. Since the Traditional mode is the foundation of the game’s Gameplay. We can be certain that it is Maintained in this Version.

It appears that the most recent update will, however, boost the bullet damage dealt by a certain sniper weapon, which will simultaneously take down two Opponents. You might be fortunate enough to eliminate two opponents at once and show off to your allies if a shot is good Enough.

PUBG Mobile 3.0 New Rewards

Fans of thesniper, rejoice! Much-needed upgrades have been made to the M24 and Kar98k. These legendary rifles are now more practical than ever thanks to Improvements in handling and bolt-action speed. Get ready to dominate from a Distance! The addition of dynamic weather accentuates the stark reality of the Metro Royale map. Storm clouds carrying snow can cause eyesight Impairments and potentially affect drops of loot.

This forces you to adjust on the go and adds a whole new level of Strategic depth to your games. Bid farewell to very slow healing pauses! In the heat of Combat, the 3.0 Update gives you a much-needed Tactical advantage by enabling you to bandage yourself while Driving. But be aware of the uneven ground; a badly placed bandage could cause a Catastrophic Collision.

Because the creators value fair play, new anti-cheat Mechanisms have been Implemented in the 3.0 beta to maintain level playing Fields. For gamers who are sick of dealing with cheats, this is a great improvement that will make the game more entertaining and Competitive for Everyone.

Themed Game Mode

The sword will be a new weapon in the Themed game mode. Since it resembles a katana more than anything Else, you’ll feel like a Samurai taking down Opponents as you play the game. Here, too, you will be able to duplicate yourself. In addition, you will be able to jump off the jet and Travel further by Wearing a wings suit.

With Christmas quickly approaching and ski season Beginning, PUBG Mobile will feature ski Resorts. It appears that you will be able to participate in boxing matches with your Opponents, while we are unsure of what the last item in the themed game mode states.

Hence, PUBG Mobile has not yet revealed the update’s official release date, keeping it a secret. But based on our best guesses based on the emojis, we included this piece. Thus, real-world gameplay could alter and include other elements. As the game says to introduce more, there will be a lot more in addition to these. We’ll have to wait till PUBG Mobile releases its version 3.0 update until then.


1. How do you get more PUBG rewards?

Ans- Reward drops are exclusively accessible through our partners in PUBG: Battlegrounds. Rewards are only attainable during the designated Drops times. You must have a KRAFTON ID and link it to both your gaming platform and Twitch or the streaming service for each region in order to be eligible for awards.

2. How do I register my bonus challenge in PUBG?

Ans- 1 Use UC to participate in the Bonus Challenge. Depending on the rank you wish to enter—novice, adept, or expert—the cost of entry varies. The factors that determine your point and Battle Coin earnings in a match are your rank, the overall number of players, your final rank, and the number of kills you achieve.

3. What is the profit of PUBG?

Ans- According to data firm Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile has successfully achieved a significant milestone by surpassing a staggering $10 billion in sales. The Tencent game has been a global hit, but 60.3% of its total Revenue has come from China, which has shown to be a particularly lucrative market.

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