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Sanrio x MLBB Encore Event Collab 2024


Sanrio x MLBB Encore Event: Moonton, a subsidiary of ByteDance, developed and distributed Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a mobile multiplayer online combat arena game. The game gained popularity after its release in 2016, particularly in Southeast Asia.

The game’s controls are simple, and its fast-paced bouts are popular. Mobile Legends Bang Bang was prohibited in India on June 29, 2020, which is unfortunate for Indian players. Due to national security concerns, the Indian government has blocked 58 additional Chinese applications.

Finally, we have Yu Zhong, the Black Dragon, who we feel is the strongest mobile legend fighter right now. Yu Zhong is a pure fighter hero with high endurance and damage. With his ultimate talent, he provides significant burst damage and is useful for starting team battles. Encore MLBB x Sanrio Event Upcoming Collaboration has risen to become one of the world’s top mobile MOBAs.

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Moving beyond its initial Southeast Asian region, where the game rules the competitive scene totally. Moonton has recently collaborated with well-known IPs from across the world in order to attract more gamers. As a result, the game now includes popular themed skins such as King of Fighters, Transformers, and Star Wars.

Sanrio x MLBB Encore Event:

Fans of the MLBB x Sanrio Encore Event should rejoice. Because the joint MLBB x Sanrio Encore Event skin will be offered to four heroes. Moonton, the designer of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game, has formally confirmed the collaboration between MLBB and Sanrio Characters. The skins received by up to four heroes were inspired by their affiliation with Sanrio Characters.

You must perform activities every day, including signing in, and you can receive up to 5 cards every day. The cards are all dealt at random. The ultimate aim is to gather all of the cards in order to obtain the Badtz Badtz’s Elimination Effect, Knockout: Uh, Next Time. When you complete one row, the bar will rise by one, so you must complete all four rows.

When you click Collection Book, you can see which cards you currently have and which ones you need. Then you may share the extras with your pals or ask them for the missing ones. You can only gather one set, so saving the extras is pointless. If you only have one card.

MLBB x Sanrio Encore Event New Heroes:

This collaboration will result in skins for four heroes. Their names were Angela, Floryn, Chang’e, and Claude. The news was confirmed by the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang account. Let’s take a look at the skins that the game’s four heroes have received.

Previously, there was no reason to be concerned about the appearance of the skin. Because MLBB routinely delivers high-quality skins for its athletes. As a consequence, your skin will seem incredibly cool and nice when you have it.

Don’t pass up the chance to grab this skin. Because it will make you seem wonderful when applied on your hero. that are the heroes that get this skin? Moonton mentioned that the skin will be given to the four heroes.

The four Skins were inspired by the collaboration with Sanrio Characters. “What happens when an MLBB Skin is designed with Sanrio Character elements?” he asked in a Bang Bang Mobile Legends video on YouTube.

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