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Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 Dev Update Full Patch Note


Clash of clans town hall 16 Dev Update: The Patch Note “Clash of clans town hall 16 Dev Update” is now available. The 2023 update of the is currently available on the website. Swipe below to see the Full Patch Note “Clash of clans town hall 16 Dev Update”.

Now available is the largest update of 2023. The brand-new building combines, Hero Equipment, Town Hall 16, Root Rider, and much more. The Chiefs’ fighting strategy will alter forever as a result of this update.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 Dev Update
Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 Dev Update

Clash of clans town hall 16 Dev Update

With its design influenced by trees, Town Hall 16 clearly demonstrates its natural motif. A amplified solar explosion from the sun is how Town Hall 16’s Giga Inferno beam feels. Town Hall 16’s Giga Inferno weapon doesn’t require repeated upgrades and has just one level. Because it will continue to try to burn assaulting units, the Giga Inferno is still a formidable opponent. A Poison effect is also remains active even after the Town Hall is demolished.

Added New Item ‘Clash of clans town hall 16 Dev Update’

Introducing Hero Equipment

In TOWN HALL LEVEL 8 PLAYERS AND UP, Hero Equipment is a new feature that lets players alter their heroes’ skills. Strong new powers are included, such the capacity to call forth Raged Barbarians and heal every strike. A new structure called The Blacksmith is located on floor 8 of Town Hall and serves as a one-stop store for anything connected to Hero Equipment.

Hero Equipment may be upgraded using ores, such as Shiny, Glowy, and Starry ores. Ores are obtained through a number of activities, including the in-game store, Clan Wars, The Trader, and the Home Village Star Bonus.

Hero Equipment has both active and passive capabilities, and heroes can equip two pieces at once. Elevate the Blacksmith to unlock Epic Equipment, which may be improved to level 27 and released during special events. Common Equipment can be upgraded to level 18.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 Dev Update
Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 Dev Update

Merged Defenses

Upon upgrading to Town Hall 16, players will be able to combine numerous Defences into a single super Defence, which will increase HP and damage output. Buildings that have merged can be positioned anywhere in the Village and are permanent.

By focusing on three distinct foes, the Multi-Archer Tower disperses their damage. A combined form of the Cannon defence, Ricochet Cannon has more than double the HP of a standard Cannon and works especially well while doing damage.

With a bounce from its first target, its munitions cause over twice as much damage as a Level 21 Cannon.

New Troop Root Rider

Following the upgrading of Barracks to Level 17, a new Elixir soldier called Root Rider will be accessible at Town Hall 15. This earth fighter can bash defences into dust, break through walls, and is in sync with nature. Because she is in one with nature, she is a great candidate for quickly opening gaps in an opponent’s defence.

Pet Spirit Fox

Spirit Fox, the newest Hero Pet, is probably the creature you’ve seen if you’ve noticed a ghostly creature scurrying between the trees in your Home Village. And perhaps, just possibly, we’ll at last discover the response to the query: What does the fox say?

After you raise your Pet House to Level 9, you can get Spirit Fox, a new pet, in Town Hall 16. Spirit Fox is an incredibly quiet animal that enjoys spending time by herself in the woods, yet she is an undeniable ally in battle. This tough fox battles valiantly when summoned to combat and provides their hero with some woodland magic.

Clash of clans town hall 16 Dev Update Bug Fixes

  • Corrected a rounding problem in area effect spells that increase damage and movement speed.
  • Fixes the Endless Haste effect that occurs when a unit that was boosted at the beginning of the battle and lasted to the end runs out a few seconds before the attack timer expires.
  • Fix the problem that prevented apprentices from supporting one another. As of right now, health aura merely eliminates the aura source.
  • Make freeze and frost behave appropriately when applied to the same target at the same time.
  • Preview the war scene while displaying war embers.
  • After suspension, the fixed effects resume at a high pace.
  • Resolve an issue whereby the pass perk boost value was “prettifying” even in the absence of the pass.
  • For instance, this resulted in certain structures having five minutes less construction time than intended.
  • The visible removal of Spear Goblins following a Clan Capital combat does not occur.
  • Added a note mentioning that Elders can initiate Capital Raids to the Raid start message.
  • When O.T.T.O.’s Outpost is destroyed, Zappies are no longer momentarily immune.
  • When Siege Machines are launched straight into an active Invisibility Spell, they no longer momentarily turn invisible.
  • Fix an issue that occasionally caused the order of event troops to fluctuate when a siege machine was switched during combat.
  • Modify the death effects of Ice Golems and Ice Hounds to properly fit the magnitude and length of the freeze.
  • Restrict the Zap Trap’s range to the designated five tiles.
  • Units with extremely long travel paths may become trapped in the fix.
  • A bug that was causing the Builder Base Mega Cannon projectile to slow down while in flight has been fixed.
  • Resolved an issue when gem bundles in the Shop were concealed due to a negative gem balance.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 Dev Update

Game Changes Clash of clans town hall 16 Dev Update

Adjustments to the balance are included in the update to resolve issues with Town Hall 15. A decrease in damage boost, a reduction in the radius of the Rage Spell Tower, and a decrease in the damage boost for the Air Bomb and Eagle Artillery are some of these modifications.

The Town Hall weapon has been altered to have a shorter poison duration and a lower DPS of 280–300 instead of 280–320. The DPS of the Multi-Inferno Tower is now 110 instead of 116.

Changes have been made to the X-Bow, lowering the DPS from 155 to 150 and the HP from 3500 to 3400. Additionally, scattershot levels were lowered from 200 to 185. Changes have been to the monolith, resulting in a 1% decrease proportional damage.

In addition, the number Ice Pups for Ice Hounds has decreased from 10-12 to 10-11, while the number of Lava Pups for defensive Lava Hounds has decreased from 8-18 to 8-13.


What is the blacksmith in Clash of Clans?

Similar to how you may level up your Hero Pets and pair a pet with a hero, you can enhance your hero equipment and personalise your heroes’ skills at the Blacksmith. Hero Gear is upgradable! Yes, this implies that you can increase the power of your preferred equipment.

How long is Town Hall upgrade boost?

The player’s new Town Hall level determines how long the boosts continue. If they upgrade to Town Hall 4-6, for example, the boost lasts for three to five days. A four-day increase will be received by upgrading to Town Hall 7-9. A five-day increase may be obtained by upgrading to Town Hall 10-15.


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