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MLBB MSC EVENT 2024 FULL GUIDE I Get More Than 30k MSC Coins, Banner of Morale’s Function


MLBB MSC EVENT 2024 FULL GUIDE I TGet More Than 30k MSC Coins, Banner of Morale’s Function: What better way to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the Bang Bang edition of Mobile Legends Southeast Asian Cup (MSC 2024)? But by securing the eagerly awaited MSC 2024 pass?

Players are able to buy a season pass for 899 gems between June 5 to June 18 and receive a tonne of exclusive prizes. From June 5 through June 11. The annual ticket will be discounted at just 719 diamonds.


MSC EVENT 2024 Unique Skins

This year’s unique skin, Rune Sentinel Atlas, the hero’s first Epic skin, is one of the highlights of the past. Players will obtain the Atlas avatar and 3500 MSC money right away after making a purchase.

The previous MSC skins Earth’s Mightiest Claude and Interstellar Explorer Jawhead are available in exchange for these coins. The availability of the Hierophant Pharsa MSC 2022 skin is still unknown. The MSC coin exchange offers a Sacred Statue, in-game graphics, emotes, and an exclusive avatar border.

MSC 30k Rewards Coin Details Full Information:

Additionally, even without purchasing the MSC 2024 pass, there is a chance to obtain the Rune Sentinel Atlas skin. All you need to do is properly predict each game’s outcome throughout the tournament and finish all the missions.

Gamers may additionally purchase help with 20 gems from June 5 to 18.

Under the support containers are a Banner of Happiness and a Crystal of Starlight. A Banner of Morale can be triggered during the hero choice step in a ranking game to gain additional pass EXP at the conclusion of the match. Additionally, there is a chance to obtain a Triumph-Eagle Leomord in that climb that has a time limit.

How To Get More Than 30k MSC Coins, Banner of Morale’s Function Update:

The Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2024 for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has been set in motion. The forthcoming competition, which will be hosted in Cambodia, will include 12 of the best groups from Southeastern Asia (SEA), the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), North America (NA), and Turkey competing for this year’s championship title.

Non-SEA teams will be involved in the MSC 2024, according to a previous statement by Moonton, to provide some variation to the competition. The eagerly awaited MSC 2024 is scheduled to start on June 10 and conclude on June 18 with a grand finale. The representatives from each region were chosen through a series of qualifying competitions.


We can now try out a bunch of the most recent updates that Mobile Legends has provided, all of which are excellent and exciting. The event now clearly feels more accessible if you know how to obtain the MSC Banner of Morale for Mobile Legends (ML). Since it has already been featured in the game, we should have goods like this right now. It will assist this player in winning the reward. As a lucrative addition, it can even offer a lot of fresh products that are simple to locate.

Many excellent and interesting Missions are provided by a number of occasions that pop up in Mobile Legends. We will soon additionally be offering a few rewards that are currently on their way, so when you participate in an event like this, you can be sure that.

Steps to get 30k MSC Coins, Banner of Morale’s Function:

Start playing Mobile Legends. To obtain the MSC Banner of Morale, we must first enter the Mobile Legends game straight away. From June 10 through June 15, 2022, you will have the opportunity to get a present of that nature.

Choose MSC Event, then select View Match.

You can then choose a specific area of the MSC Event at this time and check the column for View Match at this time. So that you can quickly discover and comprehend the nature of the task we must accomplish.

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