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Hunt Showdown Christmas Event 2023 Update Rewards and More


In this Article we will discuss the astounding Hunt Showdown Christmas Event 2023 Update, New Rewards and that’s just the beginning. Adhere to this substance and understand what energizing Hunt Showdown Christmas Event brings to you.

 Hunt Showdown Christmas Event 2023 Update Rewards and More

It’s the season to be bright, and Crytek is spreading occasion joy with an extraordinary Hunt: Showdown Christmas event. The event will occur between December fourteenth and December 28th, and it will incorporate a scope of occasional stuff, like new skins, weaponry, and interactivity modes.

New and Exciting Rewards of Hunt Showdown Christmas Event

The extra presents that players might gain are one of the most intriguing parts of the Christmas event. Players might gain an assortment of occasion gifts by following through with extraordinary jobs, for example:

1.Legendary Hunter: Another incredible hunter skin with a Christmas subject has been delivered. 

2.Legendary Weapons: There are two new incredible weapon skins for the Winfield M1873 and the Apparition 1882.

3.Charms for Weapons: Two new weapon charms, one looking like a Christmas loading and one looking like a gingerbread fellow.

Blood Securities are the in-game cash that might be utilized to purchase products in the Hunt Showdown store.

Gameplay for the Holidays in Hunt Showdown Christmas Event

The Hunt Showdown Christmas event will remember a merry ongoing interaction changes for expansion to the new honors. These alterations include:

1.Decorations for the holidays: The Hunt: Showdown world will be decked up in holiday decorations like Christmas trees, stockings, and gifts.

2.Winter weather: A probability of snow will fall in the game, making the planet appear even more cheerful.

3.Special event clues: In the world, there will be special event clues. These hints will direct players to hidden gifts containing treasure.

4.New boss tunes: For the Christmas occasion, the executives will have new music.

 Hunt Showdown Christmas Event 2023 Update Rewards and More

Additional Information Related to Upcoming Hunt showdown Christmas Event 

The Christmas Event will also include the following details:

1.Bonuses for daily login: For logging into the game every day throughout the promotion, players will get daily login bonuses.

2.Twitch drops: By watching Twitch streams that are playing Hunt: Showdown with drops enabled, players can receive goodies.

3.Hunt: The New Winter Christmas Event in Showdown Explained.

To pay tribute to special times of year, another event has been added to Hunt: Showdown, permitting players the opportunity to gather incredible merchandise.

Why Everyone’s so Excited about the Hunt Showdown Christmas Event?

The holidays are being honored in the bayou with a special event in Hunt Showdown, which should provide plenty of prizes for those that take part. This year’s Winter Solstice event gives players the opportunity to acquire legendary skins in a number of methods, the majority of which emphasize just playing the game as intended. 

This new Christmas Event for Hunt is similar to previous events, but there are some significant modifications that may alter how easy some players may obtain the rewards for playing.

Those who have taken part in recent Hunt Showdown events will recognize the Christmas festivities. All four of Hunt: Showdown’s bosses have unique holiday appearances, and Solstice Tributes (read: gifts) may be discovered around the area. 

Finding and destroying the gifts will be the most straightforward way to gain Event Points (EP), and gathering enough will gradually unlock the event-specific legendary skins, of which there are six, including one new legendary hunter, Devil’s Advocate.

How to Unlock Rewards in the Hunt Showdown Christmas Event?

Unlike the Light the Shadow event a few months ago, where 2,000 EP were required to unlock all of the awards, Winter Solstice requires a minimum of 10,000 EP to unlock the Devil’s Advocate. The prizes for accomplishing event goals have also been increased, albeit this may not be enough to compensate for the higher quota.

When destroyed, each one awards 6 EP, thus ornamental trees will have 12 (unless someone else finds it first), and bosses will drop a total of 18. There is also a 50% chance that hints and rifts may surface with a unique Winter Solstice appearance, granting 16 EP when engaged with. 

The last means of earning Event Points is looting dead hunters for 20 per dead hunter looted, making the Vulture trait extremely beneficial during the event.

 Hunt Showdown Christmas Event 2023 Update Rewards and More

Some Extra points related to Hunt Showdown Christmas Event 2023

Furthermore, all of last year’s holiday event skins will be made accessible to anyone who missing out the first time. There will be a DLC package available for purchase, but each individual legendary skin. It is including legendary hunter The Skinflint, may be obtaining via the in-game store for Blood Bonds. 

The Christmas event doesn’t provide any big content drops. Such as a new Hunt: Showdown map, weaponry, or monster. It should entice many players to visit the bayou more frequently for a few weeks.


The Hunt Showdown Christmas event is an excellent way to get in the holiday mood. The event is going to be a lot of fun for all players. With its festive incentives, gameplay modifications, and more elements. So gather your pals, get your guns, and prepare for some merry hunting.

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