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Star Citizen 3.23 Release Date, Leaks, Patch Notes


Star Citizen 3.23 Release Date: Project preparation has become a little bit less predictable for observers than in past years since this past year. It is still believed that in 2022 Server Meshing and Star Citizen Alpha 4.0 may be available soon after the main patch 3.23. CIG has not said anything in the meantime. New 3.x patches, however, are out for the gamers. And now preparations for patch alpha 3.23 have also begun.

Star Citizen 3.20 Release Date
Star Citizen 3.23 Release Date

Star Citizen 3.23 Release Date

The Star Citizen Alpha 3.23 patch is currently featured as the most recent edition of Inside Star Citizen, which was in publication on March 30, 2023. This video has a German narration thanks to “AstroSam” on YouTube, so you can view it in a 1:1 transcription.

But what does Alpha 3.23’s current informally official announcement mean?
Alpha 3.23 is the CitizenCon patch if patch Alpha 3.19 is assuming to be deliver in the following quarter at the completion of June 2023 as it did before. Thus, there won’t be an Alpha 4.0. thus, no server connecting for this crucial annual Star Citizen event. Had that been anticipated? This is a debate among the scene’s content producers. However, the community still held out hope that they would be able to play Server Mesh v1 and, consequently, particularly the new galaxy “Pyro” at CitizenCon.

Quarterly Releases: Star Citizen

We recall that, up to the finish of 2022, a new big patch is released every three months. The exception to this rule is Star Citizen Alpha 3.23. It was previously disclosing by Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) that a significant amount of work is the requirement to launch this patch live. Therefore, the quarterly updates will be stopping. The issue if CIG will ever resume this routine, nevertheless, emerges.

Indeed, Chris Roberts declared at CitizenCon on October 8, 2022, that “every quarter release a plan continues to be a source of frustration.” CIG does, however, appear to be taking stock of this release cycle’s advantages. All of a sudden, efforts are to continue releasing the quarterly patch for Star Citizen Alpha 3.19. As the announcement, two sub patches are now for this purpose developing in simultaneously.

Star Citizen Alpha 4.0: A Long Way

Chris Roberts specifically mentioned in his letter to members of the community at the end of the year that they would enter another stabilization phase following the launch of Alpha 3.23. According to reports, Permanent Entity Streaming (PES)’s fundamental technology has had major issues as a result of Alpha 3.18. The system is presently fixing, and these issues will be resolving soon.

The following action doesn’t come until after. However, “Server Mesh” is not yet the name of this step. Because the Replication Layer (RL) is now the focus of attention. Scalable RL processes can be the design, and it must be there from the game server. These procedures are in design to transmit state changes across the different gaming clients, game servers, and real-world environments.

This is crucial for server meshing since the game universe’s state has to be entirely divorced from the server’s state. It’s a sizable project that focuses on the Star Citizen backend’s fundamental connection mechanism.

The decision regarding which data and item containers must be received and broadcast has so far been made by the computer systems in the created system, but this will change with the separation of the RL.

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