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GT Update 1.42 Patch Notes Bug Fix, New Features and Items


GT Update 1.42 Patch Notes: Since its debut, GT has been a titan in the field of racing simulation games. The Polyphony Digital team working diligently on perfecting the game, and the arrival of Update 1.42 comes to elevate your experience. This update includes various new features, and bug fixes to enhance for all types of car enthusiasts. Let’s investigate the news in Gran Turismo 7 by delving into patch notes.

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GT Update 1.39 Patch Notes Bug Fix, New Features and Items
GT Update 1.42 Patch Notes Bug Fix, New Features and Items

GT Update 1.42 Patch Notes

For PlayStation 5 users, the patch notes for the GT Sport version 1.42 are now available. The most recent Gran Turismo Sport version 1.42 adds a new course, several bug fixes, and enhanced playability, according to the official patch notes. Stability and performance enhancements are also included in the updated Gran Turismo Sport version 1.42. All of these problems should be resolved in today’s Gran Turismo Sport 1.42 release.

GT Update 1.42 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem that may happen while the companion was looting simultaneously.
  • fixed several more small problems.
  • several GTA Online cars, particularly the steering on the Pegassi Infernus Classic, have had their handling updated.
  • Players may now power shift, and the indicator for the selected gear will remain visible until it changes. The clutch release will no longer skip the gear.
  • The Toyota TS050 hybrid and the Porsche 919 hybrid both have improved battery charge, particularly while coasting after braking.
  • The Dallara SF19s’ intake area has suitable supports added.
  • There were improvements for crashing problems in GT version 1.42.
  • With the release of GT Sport 1.42, some minor UI bugs were fixed.
  • There are various bug fixes in GT Sport 1.42.
  • A number of additional bugs with Gran Turismo Sport version 1.42 have also been fixed.

GT Update 1.42 New Features

The “GT League” has expanded to include the “Goodwood Motor Circuit” circuit and a number of new competitions, including the Porsche Cup, Historic Car Festival, Super Formula Championship, and F1500 Championship. The special highlighted section now includes the “Editor’s Choice II” scape.

The time needed for gear shifts with a paddle shift or DUALSHOCK4 Wireless Controller has been decreased. Car handling behavior has also been changed. Now, the Fanatec 7-segment display speed or gear shift controller is compatible. Additional support for the Fanatec 7-segment display gear shift or speed.

Power shifting is now feasible, according to certain users, and clutch shifting is now more reliable. According to some reports, automobiles are now more aggressive and realistic. All of these modifications have not received formal confirmation, but they should be noted anyway.

GT Update 1.42 New Items

Significant game modifications are included in update 1.42, such as the tweak to shifting with a clutch, backfire, and better battery charging.

The gear indicator will now display # as player power shifts until it switches to the desired gear. This helps players of manual transmissions since it improves the consistency and dependability of power shifting.

The addition of backfire to AI automobiles further adds to their realistic appearance. It is now simpler for players to maintain their battery charge throughout races thanks to better battery charging on the Porsche 919 Hybrid and Toyota TS050 Hybrid.

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