How Many Diamonds to get Angela Annual Starlight Skin 2023

In this article we are going to know about how many diamonds we need to get an Angela Annual Starlight Skin 2023. A new exclusive Angela Annual Starlight Skin 2023 will be released alongside the upcoming Mobile Legends Starlight Fest 2023 event on the global server. Luckily, Angela, the popular supporting heroine, will have an exclusive skin for this year’s annual Starlight skin. Without further ado, let’s take a look at more fascinating information about what to expect from the 2023 annual Starlight Fest.

Diamonds to get Angela Annual Starlight Skin 2023
Diamonds to get Angela’s Annual Starlight Skin 2023

How Many Diamonds to Get Angela’s Annual Starlight Skin 2023

The Angela Annual Starlight Skin 2023 has more interesting skin effects than the usual Starlight skins offered in the Starlight Store and is mainly obtained by drawing during the upcoming annual Starlight Fest 2023 event.

The event is scheduled to be broadcast live on the global server from November 21, 2023, to December 6, 2023. Players can earn this year’s exclusive annual Starlight skin for Angela in two ways: or by participating in the event directly. or by earning enough Annual Festival badges, which can then be exchanged for skins and their exclusive accessories, such as avatar borders and emotes. Since the second alternative is safer, in my opinion, it is more prudent to opt for it.

The event-exclusive skin for Angela, available in the Annual Festival Exchange Store, is the main unique reward for participating in this year’s Starlight Festival Annual Event. However, by redeeming their accumulated Annual Festival Badges for the prize of their choice, players can acquire additional unique benefits. Players who participate in the annual Starlight event draws receive these annual festival badges. The exchange rates for the Starlight Annual Event Currency Store are as follows:

  • Exclusive Angela Annual Starlight Fest Skin: 400 Annual Starlight Fest Badges
  • Exclusive 2023’s Annual Starlight Fest Avatar Border: 55 Annual Starlight Fest Badges
  • Exclusive Angela’s Annual Starlight Fest Emote: 32 Annual Starlight Fest Badges 
  • Exclusive 2023’s Annual Starlight Fest Recall Animation Effect: 200 Annual Starlight Fest Badges 

Mobile Legends Angela Annual Starlight Skin 2023 Exchange Rewards 

Players can trade for a variety of exchange gifts in this section of the Exchange Shop, including Painted Skins, Emotes, Sacred Statues, and many more. 

  • Painted Skins: 40 Annual Starlight Fest Badges
  • Emotes: 32 Annual Starlight Fest Badges
  • Sacred Statue: 55 Annual Starlight Fest Badges
  • Hero skin fragments (can be bought up to 9999 times): 1 Annual Starlight Fest Badges
  • Rare Skin Fragments (can be bought up to 9999 times): 1 Annual Starlight Fest Badges
  • Starlight progress points (can be bought up to 60 times): 20 Annual Starlight Fest Badges

Mobile Legends Angela Annual Starlight Skin 2023 Draw Rules

  • Players must participate in annual Starlight Fest event competitions to accumulate enough Starlight Fest badges to redeem for exclusive, limited-time event prizes. Players should take note of the following key guidelines before participating in the Starlight Fest 2023 annual event draws.
  • To receive random items from the prize pool, which includes the exclusive Starlight Fest 2023 Avatar Edge, exclusive cooldown effects, exclusive battle emotes, and other limited epic skins that return with a ton of other awesome rewards, Players must be drawn during the Event.
  • 25 diamonds are needed to complete a draw. Every day, the first 30 draws made by Starlight members are 20% off and the first 1X draw is half price. Therefore, players should make sure to purchase Starlight for this month to enjoy an even more attractive daily discount.
  • Every ten event draws will include a guaranteed random skin of any quality.
  • Players who mine the Daily Surprise Chest once per day will receive a random surprise.

Recall effects, duplicate skin, avatar borders, and other event goodies will all be immediately transformed into event badges in the following ratios:

  • Angela’s Annual Starlight Fest Skin: 80 Badges
  • Exclusive Epic Skin: 80 Badges
  • Common Epic Skin: 36 Badges
  • Special Skin: 30 Badges
  • Elite Skin: 24 Badges
  • Basic Skin: 11 Badges
  • Avatar Border: 11 Badges
  • Battle Emote: 6 Badges
  • Recall Effect: 40 Badges

The following are the odds of drawing from the prize pool:

  • Angela Annual Starlight Skin 2023– Angela (0.01%)
  • Exclusive 2023 Annual Starlight Fest Avatar Border – (1%)
  • Exclusive 2023 Annual Starlight Fest Recall Effect – (0.2%)
  • Exclusive 2023 Annual Starlight Fest Emote – (2%)
  • Assorted 2022 Starlight Fest Badges (45.47%)
  • Limited returning content and other skins (4.01%)
  • Other in-game items (44.31%)
Diamonds to get Angela Annual Starlight Skin 2023
Diamonds to get Angela Annual Starlight Skin 2023


How many diamonds are in an annual starlight? 

There will be a 15-day event. You will need to prepare around 1,540 gems. Purchasing a weekly Diamond Pass subscription will be the cheapest option (WDP).

When will the next Starlight Skin event be in 2023?

Starlight Member and Starlight Member Plus subscriptions are available for purchase and allow players to access premium incentives such as exclusive skins. The Twilight Waltz skin for Layla, a sniper-type heroine equipped with the Malefic Cannon, a powerful cannon, is the exclusive skin for the 2023 Starlight Pass event.

Rarer than a pink star diamond?

The rarest coloured diamonds are red diamonds. In reality, the world supply of red diamonds is limited to only thirty. They are developing as a result of a process that modifies the crystalline structure of the stone and allows light to enter. Red diamonds are the most expensive fancy diamonds per carat due to the rarity of the stone.

Which Starlight skin will be available at MLBB 2023?

MLBB Starlight Pass November 2023: New Starlight skin, November 2023 and more. Game creator Moonton Games announced a new Starlight Pass for Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) for November. It will include a new look for Melissa, a bunch of returning champion outfits, and a ton of new stuff.


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