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How to Fix Resources Automatic Download BGMI 2.9


How to Fix Resources Automatic Download BGMI: How can you disable the automatic download of resource packs in BGMI/PUBG?

The download option from my BGMI account has vanished owing to a problem, as seen in the thumbnail. I can now simply conduct inventory, shop, and crate opening. If you also wish to disable auto-download in your game, keep reading to the conclusion.

Friends, the BGMI/PUBG  upgrade has come. And if you’ve updated your game, you’ll notice that the theme looks fantastic this time. However, it automatically triggers an extremely unpleasant auto-download.

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How to Fix Resources Automatic Download BGMI
How to Fix Resources Automatic Download BGMI

If you go to your inventory, it will turn on automatically; if you merely go to the shop, it will switch off automatically. Many people play the game on their mobile internet, and many people do not want to fill their mobile storage with game data, therefore it becomes a very bothersome problem in such circumstances.

There is no option to disable auto-download in the game lobby or anywhere else in the settings. The game offers a download option, however it can only delay the process; it will resume when you go to your inventory or store. So, tell me how you got rid of it.

How to Fix Resources Automatic Download BGMI:

There is no permanent remedy to this problem, although you may alleviate it to some extent using this quirk. That is, if you go to the inventory or shop anyplace in the game, you will not be bothered with automated downloading. Follow the steps I’m describing as well: Turn off your mobile’s internet connection fully before beginning the game. After you’ve disconnected from the internet, start the game.

As indicated in the figure, a popup (unable to connect to server) will now display. Turn on your mobile internet and then click the OK button in the box. Allow the game to finish, and you’ll notice that the download indication has vanished. It is required to switch off your mobile data before beginning the game and to keep your mobile internet connection turned off until the popup disappears. I hope you realise what you need to do.

Download option in the left middle of the lobby:

If you follow this procedure, your download option will be removed from the lobby, as seen in our thumbnail. This method is specifically for BGMI and PUBG version 1.7, as seen by the theme shown in the thumbnail, which was created using the identical screenshot from version 1.7.

This version features a download option in the left part of the lobby, but it will vanish using this method. When this problem is brought to the attention of the BGMI team, it can be formally resolved at any moment. For that, go ahead and spam the BGMI and PUBG official accounts on PlayStore, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

We can apply this approach that works in this temporary form till then. Why is it only temporary? Because if you apply this approach and then close and reopen the game, the auto-downloading will resume. So, before you begin playing, remember to disconnect from the internet and open the game.

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