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How to Win Coral Island Harvest Festival


Coral Island Harvest Festival: The first fall celebration in Coral Island is called the Harvest Celebration, and it includes a lot of entertaining events including the Apple Bobbling, Smashing Pumpkins, and Harvest Display Contest.

Fall’s inaugural celebration, the Harvest Festival, takes place in Alun-Alun Square, on the east side of the lake. Interaction with the festival orb takes place in the square to kick off the festivities. A letter will be sent to the player.

How to Win Coral Island Harvest Festival
How to Win Coral Island Harvest Festival

At Alun-Alun Square is the Harvest Festival. Distinguished farmer Jeff Smith will judge a harvest display competition with entries from six categories fruits, vegetables, flowers, crop goods, barn products, and craftsmen.

Therefore, if you’re unaware of Coral Island Harvest Festival, this post is for you. By staying updated, you’ll learn everything there is to know about How to Win Coral Island Harvest Festival in Official Panda.

Coral Island Harvest Festival

In Coral Island, contestants must prepare six of their finest entries for several categories, including artisan products, barn products, crop products, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Goods including honey, cheese, syrup, eggs, feathers, fruits, vegetables, milk, wool, gesha coffee beans, cheese, juice, tofu, beer, and so on are up for grabs in this contest.

Because they require special tools, artisan items are the hardest to produce. The likelihood of winning is decreased if one cannot produce prior to the Harvest Festival or does not own artisanal tools. It is possible to deposit items in empty boxes for admission into Alun-Alun Square.

How to Win Coral Island Harvest Festival 

To win Coral Island’s Harvest Festival, you need to take into account three crucial factors, Each category will award you with six points, so you should have one product in each category. That implies you will receive 36 bonus points if you can obtain one product in each of the six categories. Your item’s quality and basic price will determine how many points you receive for each one.

You will receive more points the better your basic pricing and quality are. To be eligible to win, you must submit six of the priciest and highest-quality goods in each category. Jeff Smith, the Legendary Farmer, pits your bid against Bobby, another farmer.

Every year, Bobby’s submissions are selected at random from different sets, therefore his points will fluctuate. Nevertheless, the maximum number of points he may obtain annually consists of 96 points in the first year. He has to submit six huge, silver-quality quail eggs with a base price of 488 in order to gain this.

How to Win Coral Island Harvest Festival
How to Win Coral Island Harvest Festival

During the second year, he received 130 points by submitting two gold-rated grape wines, two black truffles, and two melons. For the third year and beyond the majority of submission options include two osmium-quality products with a base price of 350–2,700 coins and four gold-quality items with a base price of 540–950 coins.

Coral Island Harvest Festival Best Items

Your chances of winning will be higher if you submit six silver-quality products in the first year, six gold-quality products in the second, and at least two osmium-quality things with high base values and four gold-quality items with respectable base prices in each subsequent year.

Depending on your point total and ranking after winning the Coral Island Harvest Display Contest. An arrangement of flowers for novices. An arrangement of flowers for beginners, an irrigation version for middle-level farmers, three Mooncakes for experienced farmers. And a Graven Giants Ring for illustrious farmers are among the benefits that the Harvest Festival presents to farmers.

The first prize consists of four Mooncakes and a stamina fruit. Legendary victories are obtained by harvesting four Mooncakes automatically. Fertilizers, seedlings, and Mooncakes a well-liked present among the villagers—can be bought during the festival, which is a cheerful occasion.

At the top of the map is the Harvest Festival Booth, where you can get reduced products including compost, barley seeds, fairy rose seeds, compost, mooncake, cocoa seedlings, wild seeds, and fertiliser.

Traditional fall treats include mooncakes, compost—a decomposed organic material combination used to make fertilizer—wild seeds. Which are a variety of wild crop seeds, and fertilisers I and II. Which are available to improve crop development. Pears cost 1,080 coins, cocoa seeds cost 1,200 coins. Barley seeds cost 80 coins, and fairy rose seeds cost 108 coins.

In the future, the Moon Cake stand will give out free merchandise, while the Pufferfish stall will distribute flyers. Additionally, there’s a chance to win a complimentary Moon item at the booth.

Coral Island Harvest Festival What to Bring

Placing agricultural things in the empty crates at the far right of Alun-Alun Square is how the player may enter the Harvest Display contest. At the conclusion of the festival, the objects are not automatically return. Thus the player needs to make sure they get collect before heading off.

The quantity, average price, and quality of each item in the player’s Harvest Display are the factors that count towards the player’s ultimate score. These factors are total together. The winner and the awards they get are then decide. By comparing this score with the score of a competitor farmer’s own exhibit.


Where is harvest Fest in Coral Island?
The event will take place on Fall 15 at Alun-Alun Square, starting at 19:00 and ending at 21:00.

Where is the festival on Coral Island?

On April 10th, Alun-Alun Square will host the Cherry Blossom Festival. This unique location lies above the town and to the east of the lake.


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