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BDO Korea Update Patch Notes December 2023! What’s in it


Exploring the BDO Korea Update Patch Notes December 2023, Dark Desert On the web, a well known MMORPG, continues to create with the latest update that dropped on December 11, 2023 (Wednesday). This BDO Kr Patch Notes Today 2023 brings an amount of 98 updates, amounting to generally 1.98GB in size. We ought to jump into the key changes, overhauls, and increments from this BDO Korea Update Patch Notes December 2023 in a dealt with way.

BDO Korea Update Patch Notes October 2023! What's in it

What are the New Items in BDO Korea Update Patch Notes December 2023

  1. Green Skilled worker Butchering Game:

– Players can now partake in the Green Skilled worker Butchering limited scope game.

– Luckily you at absolutely no point in the future need to overwhelm the minuscule match on numerous occasions in progression.

– Taking everything into account, really completing the little game on different occasions inside the given time limit will remunerate you with resources equivalent to 10 Social event attempts.

  1. Khan’s Heart: Decimation and Security:

– Two of the three Khan’s Heart things have gotten buffs.

– These speculative energy stones, made using Khan’s Concentrated Wizardry from the general public manager Khan, Eye of the Exceptional Ocean, by and by offer additional subtleties.

– Khan’s Heart: Annihilation things grant an additional 1 AP.

– Khan’s Heart: Security things give 1 extra DP.

  1. Changes to Sweet Honey Wine Trade:

– Changes have been made to the transformation size of Sweet Honey Wine through Ceilyn at the Kamasylve Safe-haven. As of now, it takes more Magnificent and Splendid Pixie Wings to secure Sweet Honey Wine.

  1. Show of Coral Harp:

– The Coral Harp is at present significant for the [Event] Coral Shimmer Blue Shell Prop Set, open for exchange using [Event] Sea Illustrious home Honor Seals.

 – Voyagers who recently traded for this item before the December 11, 2023 maintenance have received Coral Harps in their Heidel Storing.

  1. Additional Thing Use with Limit or Trade Workers/Stewards:

– Players will now relocate items rather than utilize them when riding with the limit or trade housekeeper/steward UI active.

BDO Korea Update Patch Notes October 2023! What's in it


What are the developments in BDO Korea Update Patch Notes December 2023?

  1. Treasure Changes for Mirumok Destroyer Offin:

 – Loot drop rates and totals have been adjusted as a result of the elimination of the protect expert, ensuring immeasurable treasure is still essential for the Mirumok Destroyer Offin’s loot table.

  1. Tungrad Remains Updates: 

– After defeating the Tungrad Visionary, the Shock debuff may now be given to Tungrad Fanatical fanatics and Executioners. Tungrad Remains monsters will now stop pursuing voyagers at a faster rate.

 – Some developing regions for Mine Sprites have been sent on a mission to obstruct movement via Northern Heidel Quarry tasks.

What’s New in the BDO Korea Update Patch Notes for December 2023?

  1. New Exercises and Cutscenes:

 – The chatting and developing energy of characters throughout the Maegu and Woosa Stirring questlines has been moving up to occur more frequently.

– Camera influences in [Woosa Awakening] Fox’s Gift II and [Maegu Awakening] Fox’s Gift II missions have been enhancing for a more consistent living experience.

Sound, NPCs, and Establishment

  1. Solare Hall of Acclaim:

– The Solare Hall of Approval by and by shows figures of swashbucklers who achieved in front of any and all individuals in each class in the power season of Field of Solare.

– Models of swashbucklers who are achieving in front of every other person in Woosa and Maegu classes have been adding to the Anteroom of Reputation.

– Speaking with “Solare Knight” in the Passage of Reputation grants you to exchange 20 energy for the “Endowment of an Exceptional Knight” buff effect, giving Breath EXP +10% for 10 hours.


  1. UI Upgrades:

– Amending the introduction of Crow Coins in the Crow Coin Shop, where Silver is wrongly shown.

– Overhauled structure messages in the jewel holding window.

– Made a couple of chase windows non-case delicate, including the World Aide, Data, and My Information.

– Season Gift Exchange Coupons have been adding to the portrayal of Evergreen Season Pass – Moving forward, Carefully! 2.

– A button has been acquainting with investigating the Old Dark Soul’s Experience board from the Dark Soul’s Experience board when the event is dynamic.

– Further fostered the ESC key value to simply close the opened “How to Play,” “Prizes,” or “Arcana” windows for the Dark Soul’s Insight.

These BDO Korea Update Patch Notes December 2023 mirror the predictable improvement of Dark Desert Web based, ensuring that players have a more excessive and truly enthralling experience as they adventure through this broad and dynamic web-based world. Could we research further:

  1. Swashbuckler’s Helper Upgrade:

– The section for Voyager’s Associate in the (ESC) Menu has been updating to Explorer’s Associate (Help). This change means to give an all the more clear separation to players searching for help and course.

  1. Silver and Crow Coins Explanation:

– An issue where Crow Coins were wrongly displaying as Silver in the Crow Coin Shop has been amending. This ensures that players can definitively see and manage their in-game money.

BDO Korea Update Patch Notes October 2023! What's in it


The BDO Korea Update Patch Notes December 2023 means to further develop the general gaming experience. Ensuring that players can lower themselves totally in the game’s world and endeavors. These BDO Korea Update Patch Notes December 2023 envelope an enormous number of viewpoints, from continuous cooperation mechanics to UI upgrades, guaranteeing that pilgrims continue to find happiness and satisfaction in their outing.

As the MMORPG scene continues to create. BDO Kr Patch Notes Today 2023 zeroed in on conveying a dynamic and attracting reality where players can seek after their encounters and missions. Whether it’s examining new joy or participating in the visual and mechanical refinements.

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