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How to Gift Samples Genshin Impact


How to gift samples Genshin Impact: This Genshin Impact Gift Samples event, the Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log, takes place from November 17, 2023, to November 27, 2023.

Gift Samples have initiated the “Adversarial Technology Experiment Log” event in Genshin Impact. You’ll have a new task every day for the game, which is to take pictures of various critters to gather information for Lepine-Pauline. A color sample that you can trade for in-game items is obtained by clicking photos.

How to Gift Samples Genshin Impact
How to Gift Samples Genshin Impact

We will provide you with all the details on How to Gift Samples of Genshin Impact in this post. Therefore, if you’re unaware of Gift Samples, this post is for you. By staying updated, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Gift in Official Panda.

How to Gift Samples Genshin Impact

Proceed to the event menu in Genshin Impact and select “Gift Samples” to send your buddy a sample. Photographing opponents with structures resembling wings is the primary goal of the tournament. discover out where to discover them if you’re experiencing problems recognising them by reading on.

When you launch the Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log, a list of all your friends along with their inventory will appear. All of the samples that you own are visible above the list. You may find out whether a buddy needs your assistance or if they are missing color samples.

They may claim whatever additional you have in your inventory by letting them know about it and via the “Receive” area. Sharing the samples with others will regrettably not get you any more prizes. It is important to note that you can only take ten images per day and that the samples you receive are very arbitrary. For this reason, it would be best to gift just the excess pictures you require.

There are several opponents in the game that have structures resembling wings, such as Aeonblight Drake, Oceanid, Jadeplume Terrorshroom, Hydro Cicin, Anemo Slime, and Hilichurl Rogue. It is advised to use the Image Sampling Camera in various locations to take pictures that include all five colors.

The Jadeplume Terrorshroom can be found in Devantaka Mountain, while Aeonblight Drake can be found in Sumeru, west of Vanarana. While Stormterror may be called upon by going into the Mondstadt instance, Oceanid monsters can be called upon via combat.

Gift Samples Genshin Impact

You don’t need to do anything extra to accept a gift from someone. If a friend sends you a sample, it will appear on the event menu with a red exclamation point. You may claim the sample from the Receive section by clicking the gift icon or “Claim All” button.

Remember that your friends can see your event inventory in the same way that you can see theirs, so they can let you know if anything is missing. Asking a friend to present you a certain sample can also be an option if you are experiencing problems obtaining it. If fortune favours you, someone may send it to you without your request.

How to Gift Samples Genshin Impact

In Amakumo Peak, the winged adversary known as Thunder Manifestation must be summoned by combat. Anemo Slimes may discover in Teyvat by going to the Teleport Waypoint in Brightcrown Canyon, whereas Hydro Cicins are tiny, bug-like animals located in Guyun Stone Forest. The Girdle of the Sands Region of Sumeru and Fontaine are home to Hilichurl Rogues. To gather a variety of picture samples, photographs may shot in a variety of settings and weather situations.

Genshin Impact How to Gift Samples

Click “Gift Samples” on Genshin Impact’s event menu to give colour samples to friends. You may share any remaining colour samples with a buddy and see if they are missing any. There are no extra benefits, though, for sharing samples. The samples you get back after taking images are randomiz and only allowed to be 10 per day. Click “Claim All” or the gift symbol to obtain samples. Ask your friends to give you a sample if you are unable to obtain it; nevertheless, this is a voluntary and not always guaranteed activity.

To sum up, the game has a wide range of adversaries that resemble wings, such as Aeonblight Drake, Oceanid, Stormterror, Hydro Cicin, Anemo Slime, Hilichurl Rogue, and Jadeplume Terrorshroom, among other species. Taking pictures of these opponents with the Image Sampling Camera. And capturing them might provide important details about the special elements of the game.


How do I send items to friends on Genshin Impact?
To gift your friend in-game, navigate to their friendship menu and select the Gifting icon next to the fist bump interaction. From there, choose an item to purchase and gift.
Can you gift someone in Genshin?
The closest thing you can do is give them a real money gift card that they can use to purchase packs of crystals from the Genshin store, Playstation store, or any other location, and then they can turn those crystals into primos.


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