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Hero Wars Halloween Event 2023 Complete Walkthrough


In this article we are going to talk about the Hero Wars Halloween Event 2023. To know every one of the subtleties, read the full article. The Hero Wars Halloween Event 2023 is here and vows to be spookier and more exciting than any other time! With a new Halloween-themed map, new heroes, creepy skins, and phenomenal rewards, there’s something for everybody at the current year’s event.

Hero Wars Halloween Event 2023 Complete Walkthrough

The focal point of the Hero Wars Halloween Event 2023 is the Spooky Forest, a chilling and secretive scene loaded up with phantoms, bats, and other creepy creatures. The guide is separated into two distinct parts:

  1. The Living Forest – This segment is home to the cordial inhabitants of the forest, where you will find unconventional yet kindhearted creatures.
  2. The Dead Forest: As a distinct difference, the Dead Forest is inhabited by the undead, where obscurity and peril sneak every step of the way.

New heroes in the Hero Wars Halloween Event 2023

Two intriguing new heroes will make their presentation in the Halloween 2023 event:

Pumpkinhead – A considerable skirmish contender who uses a giant pumpkin to pulverize foes. He likewise has the capacity to call a multitude of pumpkins to overpower his enemies.

Phantom Rider – This hero is an expedient run attacker furnished with a fire chain whip. Phantom Rider could in fact change into a flaming skull and ride a menacing motorcycle into the core of battle.

New skins at Hero Wars Halloween Event 2023

The Hero Wars Halloween event brings a heavenly assortment of Halloween-themed skins for existing heroes. A portion of the featured skins include:

Vampire Dracula: Dracula goes through a dramatic transformation, assuming a vampire character with a new cape, paws, and teeth.

Morrigan Witch: Morrigan has a fascinating appearance with a witch-themed makeover, complete with a hat, a brush, and a variety of enchanting spells.

Frankenstein’s Beast: The notable Frankenstein’s Beast has a new look, with new points, screws and energetic green skin.

New rewards in the Hero Wars Halloween Event 2023

The 2023 Halloween Event features a lot of captivating rewards to keep you connected with and motivated. A portion of the key rewards include:

Halloween Pumpkin – This sought after pumpkin can be utilised to bring a considerable Halloween creature, making it a fundamental asset for your experience.

Candy – Gather Halloween candy to buy a wide assortment of Halloween-themed things in the in-game store, adding a little spookiness to your stock.

Halloween Coins: Gather Halloween coins to open remarkable Halloween-themed skins and legends, ensuring you’re ahead in the Halloween soul.

How to participate in the Hero Wars 2023 Halloween event

Participating in the Hero Wars 2023 Halloween event is exceptionally basic. Basically follow these straightforward advances:

  1. Open the Hero Wars game.
  2. Click the Halloween Event symbol.
  3. You will move to the Enchanted Forest guide, where the experience begins.
  4. Watch various activities, including exploring the guide, participating in battles with foes, and completing missions to propel the event.

Tips to survive the enchanted forest

The Enchanted Forest can be a hazardous spot, so it is fundamental to follow these tips to guarantee your endurance:

  1. Be careful with traps: The forest is loaded with traps like openings, spikes and harmful gas. Remain alert and proceed cautiously.
  2. Be careful with foes: The forest is loaded with risky creatures, including ghosts, bats and zombies. Set up your legends and plan for clashes.
  3. Remain in sufficiently bright regions: The dimness of the forest can muddle you. Stick to sufficiently bright paths to abstain from getting lost and falling into startling risks.

Maximising your Halloween event experience

To take advantage of the Halloween 2023 event, think about these genius tips:

  1. Complete missions industriously: Journeys are your pass to Halloween Pumpkin, Halloween Candy, and Halloween Coins, so focus on them.
  2. Investigate each corner: The Enchanted Forest guide is brimming with mysteries, so go ahead and each corner to find stowed fortunes.
  3. Battle intensely: Facing adversaries isn’t just exciting yet in addition productive as they drop important Halloween pumpkins, Halloween candy and Halloween coins.
  4. Call Halloween Creatures: Utilise your Halloween pumpkin admirably to gather these considerable partners, as they will help you in battle.

Hero Wars Halloween Event 2023 Complete Walkthrough


In Hero Wars, where could the odd cauldron be?

Three Gatekeepers will actually want to wear new demon skins and a Creepy Cauldron tracking down in the main square of Strongford. Three phantoms are keeping an eye on you and are willing to provide you major prizes if you have ghostly treats for them. During the special event, you may acquire confections by fulfilling quests.

In hero clashes, who slips by everyone’s notice?

Unremarkable, the best understudy of the School of Spiritualists, his instructors could have done without him. He is a tranquil person with an uncommon gift that scares numerous around him. 

Who is the best healer in Hero Wars?

1) Martha – an unquestionable necessity, yet powerless against area-of-impact strikes.

2) Dorian – maybe the best healer, despite the fact that it relies upon the group’s location.

3) Divine – Many individuals think she is the best healer, however she is just compelling at blocking endlessly healing on a single objective. It bargains a great deal of harm, yet so do most mages.


The Hero Wars Halloween Event 2023 is a wonderful and vivid experience that permits players to indulge in the soul of Halloween while earning exciting rewards. Try not to pass up on this valuable chance to investigate the Spooky Forest, secure new heroes and skins, and submerge yourself in the celebrations of the time. Prepare for a spine-tingling experience in Hero Wars.

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