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How to Fix Pokemon GO Network error 2 ?


In This article, we fix the Pokémon GO  Network error which you are facing in-game. Pokémon latest version is 0.0199.0. Many times player-facing Network issues problems in-game. This result game is stuck in the loading window and unable to open also Pokémon GO comes with many bug and glitches, otherwise, the game experience is very good. 

This Pokémon GO network error Is generally caused by a Mobile network issue but the player also reports that is also a result of battery optimization and GPS drift. In this case, be are to find the network error issue and fix the Pokémon GO error fix. So read this article fully.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO

3 Simple way to Fix Pokémon GO error easily

Battery Optimization turn off
Pokémon GO is a Heavy game. They are draining the battery very fast as well as network usage. it is required to make a lot of network requests each second. Which in turn up much battery than typical network packet.

Now if you enable battery optimization or low in a battery then your device limit to request as its save energy mode. The easy solution is to disable battery optimization and change the battery up of your device sufficiently.
Follow this step For android device
  • Open Setting>battery
  • Click Battery optimization
  • Select Not optimized
  • Find Pokémon GO
  • Select Don’t optimize
Follow this Step For iOS user
  • Open Setting
  • Find battery setting
  • Turn off low power Mode.
Force Stop of Pokémon GO
IF You are still facing a network error issue then try to stop Force Stop of the Pokémon GO Game. They fix your Network Error problem permanently. Force closing can also help your lot of troubles related to the freezing and the crashing issues of the games.
  • Check the Open app 
  • close all open app if Pokémon GO opens-close also.
  • GO Pokémon GO  App Setting
  • Click Force Stop OF Pokémon GO.
Check your Mobile Network
Some Time not the fault of the game. if all these methods are not working then you should check your mobile network for any glitch or network issue. if you are in a crowded area, then high chance of network-related issues.
if is a cellular network problem then try stronger Wi-Fi and also check your internet provider to see they have a cap on data usage volume or internet speeds up
Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO

Some Other way To Solve Network issue In Pokémon GO

  • Don’t use the public Wi-Fi network in Pokémon Go 
  • if you are using Public Wi-Fi then restart your device then use it.
  • close the game app some time if you facing the same issue
  • if possible then clear Pokémon GO App data and cache.
I hope your network error problem solve after reading this article. if not then send feedback to the Pokémon GO Developer team to fix this issue hope you like my articles 



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