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How to Solve 2-7 Escape the Loop MLBB Event


2-7 escape the loop MLBB event 2023 is back again. This new event is all about solving it. You must all escape the loop and then find the correct solutions too. For 2-7 escape the loop MLBB you can also deploy the 2×2 loop strategy. Once you cross the 2-6 MLBB loop, then this one becomes available too. 

How to Solve2-7 Escape the Loop MLBB Event

1-7 MLBB loop mini-game has already gone live, once you complete all those, then comes the 2-6 and 2-7 escape the loop MLBB event. MLBB escape the loop is a new event in 2023 that’s available under the 7th year anniversary event of the game.

How to solve 2-7 escape the loop MLBB?

This actually starts from the 2nd column in the 4th row and it completes a curve circle from right to the left. Then again it comes to the upper right side. Then again the ball goes a curve to the left side. You can complete the loop again by coming down from right and then going up like a curve, then you can fully go straight on the right to the finish point too.

How to finish 2-7 escape the loop MLBB?

If you are stuck anywhere, you can try to complete the loop in any random order. This is the success mantra for many Mobile Legends Bang Bang players too. 1-7 MLBB loop was very easy, but 2-6 and 2-7 loops are some what kind of tricky too. But yes you can finish them easily. 

Completing these will get you some amazing skins and rewards. MLBB 7th anniversary event also has many puzzle kinds of mini-games too. The MLBB 7th year anniversary event also lets you get some cosmetics and avatar icons too. But the puzzle type quests and mini-games are little tricky.

You can complete other battles using pets. Win new skins using diamonds and free spins. The event will only be available in ML Bang Bang for some days. Mobile Legends makers are releasing new events frequently. But this one is the most challenging in recent times.

2-7 MLBB loop event is somewhat tricky. Use your strategies wisely and win every puzzle game. Then the game is all yours to rule too. Complete the puzzle challenges and puzzle quests by solving the loops. Finishing the loop is easy, but using the directions and finding the tricks is challenging for everyone.

How to Solve2-7 Escape the Loop MLBB Event

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An amazing gacha RPG game for mobile with plenty of ranked modes where you can tussle against others with your pets. MLBB is a Legendary fighting game for mobile users. The game can be played on PC through any available emulators too. Mobile Legends is an amazing game and those who love battles will be more engaged. There is plenty of new content and characters with high stats like attacks and defense are your best units for all battles.

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