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Gloomhaven Voidwarden Guide!


Gloomhaven Voidwarden Guide: Gloomhaven, Isaac Childres’s renowned cooperative board game, has taken the tabletop gaming industry by storm with its rich tactics, engrossing plot, and intricate character classes. The Voidwarden stand out among the wide cast of characters as a distinct and intriguing class that specialises at support and control. This guide will dig into the complexities of playing a Voidwarden, providing tips, methods, and insights to help you master this fascinating class in Gloomhaven. The Voidwarden is a class that specialises in using curses, blessings, and crowd control skills to manipulate enemy actions and bolster allies.

Due to its emphasis on controlling both personal and ally health, as well as its capacity to affect the behaviour of foes on the board, the class may be difficult to play. Let’s take a look at some of the Voidwarden’s primary skills and gameplay.

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Gloomhaven Voidwarden Guide
Gloomhaven Voidwarden Guide

Gloomhaven Voidwarden Guide:

Curses and blessings are critical components of the Voidwarden’s tactics. Curses hurt opponents by adding negative modifiers to their attack modifier cards, whilst blessings increase the likelihood of drawing positive modifiers. Focus on activities that allow you to curse several adversaries in a single round to maximise the efficacy of your curses. Voidwardens excel in battlefield control by immobilising, disarming, or stunning foes.

Use these skills wisely to keep hazardous opponents at bay and your teammates safe. Always keep the initiative in mind to ensure that your crowd control talents have the desired effect. The Voidwarden has healing powers that can help your squad, but you must balance them with your offensive and crowd control abilities.

Prioritise healing when friends are in desperate need, but remember that in Gloomhaven, the best defence is frequently a good offence. Other classes, particularly ones that rely on critical hits or rolling modifiers, can establish synergy with the Voidwarden. Coordination between your actions and those of your teammates may result in lethal combinations and a more successful party.

Leveling Up and Ability Choices:

Prioritise talents that will help you with crowd management and support. Your purpose is to protect your teammates while hindering your adversaries, so pick cards that support these objectives. Improve your curse-generating powers on a regular basis to keep your foes cursed. Cursed foes are less likely to deliver substantial damage, making it simpler for your squad to survive.

Keep an eye on the initiative values of your cards. When it comes to crowd management and support, timing is everything. Having flexibility in your initiative order may significantly improve your effectiveness. Consider improving your cards to make them more effective. Prioritise upgrades that improve your core powers, such as improving strength or range to your healing or crowd control cards.

Playing the Voidwarden Effectively:

Because Gloomhaven is a cooperative game, contact with your party members is essential. Discuss your approach, plan your activities, and keep each other updated on your plans. Determine which opponents are the most threatening on the board and concentrate your curses and crowd control on them. Early detection and mitigation of these hazards can help to avoid possible tragedies.

Voidwardens can rapidly run out of cards, so manage your stamina wisely. Use cards with Recover actions intelligently to recycle discarded cards and increase your scenario’s life. Don’t be scared to experiment with various methods and card combinations. Gloomhaven encourages exploration, and you may find new synergies that improve your gameplay.


In Gloomhaven, the Voidwarden is a difficult yet rewarding class to play. The Voidwarden has a unique role in the group, focusing on curses, blessings, crowd control, and support. You may become a strong Voidwarden and contribute to your group’s success in the realm of Gloomhaven by knowing the class’s mechanics, making strategic ability selections, and communicating effectively with your team. So, journey forth into Gloomhaven’s dark and fascinating land, and may your curses be bountiful and your companions safe!

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