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WWE 2K23 update 1.18 Patch Notes


WWE 2K23 update 1.18 Patch Notes: The 1.18 update is available to WWE 2K23, the most recent game in the well-known wrestling video game series. It includes several additions, improvements, and bug fixes. The significant changes that players can anticipate regarding gameplay, visual effects, and efficiency. As an all-around user experience highlights are in this article as we delve into the specifics of the WWE 2K23 Update 1.18 patch notes.

WWE 2K23 update 1.14 Patch Notes
WWE 2K23 update 1.18 Patch Notes

The AI has been improving with the updates, wrestlers now have new moves and animations. Also, the game’s complexity levels have been adjusting, among other significant changes. The update also includes fixes for several player-reported bugs, enhancing the game’s overall dependability and stability. With all these latest updates, WWE 2K23 keeps giving fans of pro wrestling. The games consoles alike a fun and interactive experience.

WWE 2K23 Update 1.18 Patch Notes

Gameplay Improvements
  • Improvements to AI behaviour have been resulting in more realistic and interesting enemy behaviours and responses during games. Gamers’ entire experience playing has been considerably improving in this game, as a result. They now have to deal with tougher opponents that demand rapid reactions and clever planning. We can anticipate even more fascinating innovations in the game industry as AI technology develops.
  • The detection of collisions is correct now, which minimizes instances of strange relationships among wrestlers and gaming environment items. The players’ gaming sessions will be more accurate and engaging thanks to this advancement in collision detection technology. Additionally, it lessens the possibility of bugs and faults that could ruin a game.
  • Coordinative movement and grappling animations add a part of the update. It also improves the gameplay’s responsiveness and fluidity. This leads to more effortless changes throughout the moves. Now there is no lag or stoppage when switching between various tasks such as dodging and hitting. These upgrades strengthen fighting in general and give fights a more exciting, energetic feel.
Enhancements to Presentation and the Visual
  • Wrestler models are present with new and amazing looks. These improvements in the models enhance the texturing, facial motions, and graphical quality.
  • Improved crowd graphics: The crowd graphics in-game have been improving with additional detail and variety to create an additional sense of immersion during matches.
  • Lighting effects inside the stadiums became better, making the setting for players appear more genuine and eye-catching.
  • Improved camera angles: The upgrade improves WWE 2K23’s cinematic atmosphere by introducing better viewpoints and transitions throughout games and cutscenes.
Improvements for stability as well as fixing issues
  • Fixing many audio difficulties has resulted in a more complete listening experience, including fixes for commentator and sound effects issues.
  • Collision-related errors have been fixed, including the ability for wrestlers to become trapped in objects or move unusually when playing the game.
  • Online connectivity problems fixed: The patch fixes several online connectivity problems, enhancing stability and lowering the frequency of disconnects during online games and modes.
  • Improvements to functionality in general are complete, which have minimises crashes and increased WWE 2K23’s overall dependability.
  • Solutions for different bugs: The update contains several solutions for various bugs that were brought up by players, including ones for menu navigation issues, animation glitches, and small gameplay mistakes.


Significant improvements and corrections are made in the WWE 2K23 Update 1.18, which improves the game’s general gameplay for enthusiasts of professional wrestling. Players can anticipate a more seamless, realistic, and refined WWE 2K23 gameplay thanks to increased collision detection, optimized visuals, improved AI behaviour, and other bug improvements. WWE 2K23 is still a thrilling option for fans who want to enter the virtual wrestling ring, as its creators continue to handle user input and improve the overall experience through upgrades.

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