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WAVEN Shaden Shiru Cra Class Guide


WAVEN Shaden Shiru Cra Class : There are a wide variety of characters in the world of Waven, and each has special skills and gameplay preferences. The Shaden Shiru Cra class stands out among them as a master of tactics and the shadows, able to unleash powerful assaults from the cover of combat.

WAVEN Shaden Shiru Cra Class Guide
WAVEN Shaden Shiru Cra Class Guide

We’ll dig into the nuances of the Shaden Shiru Cra class in this in-depth , giving you the knowledge you to rule the battlefield.

WAVEN Shaden Shiru Cra Class

Ranged skill and shadow manipulation combine to form the Shaden Shiru Cra class. This class at managing conflicts from a distance while also shadowy skills to confound opponents. They are equipped with a bow and are endowed with the power of darkness. Shaden Shiru Cra is the name, paying respect to the gameplay’s unique combination of shadow manipulation and strategies.

This power enables the Shaden Shiru Cra to move swiftly within a predetermined region, allowing for tactical placement during combat. Shadowstep is a useful weapon in the Shaden Shiru Cra’s for dodging danger or ambushing. A target of The Void Arrow sustains damage over time by being engulfed in an ominous aura that slowly depletes their health. The Shaden Shiru Cra’s use of this power may a reliable source of damage, whittling enemies while keeping a safe distance.

By crushing enemies trapped in its dark grip, the ability’s area-of-effect damage can change the of a battle. The Shaden Shiru Cra’s Veil of Shadows ultimate ability envelops the class in an ethereal cloak. The Shaden Shiru Cra may use this ability to quickly shift themselves. And catch their enemies off guard while absorbing incoming damage.

Ankama’s Waven is underwater RPG game with distinctive classes. To playability, the article the 2023 Waven tier list. A navigator in the game is attempting to solve a hydrological enigma in a weird environment. For progress, the selection of heroes and kinds is essential.

Additional Information’s WAVEN Shaden Shiru Cra Class

It is crucial to know that current Waven provides the  for this rating. This rating may vary a lot because the game only recently launched in Early Access. The developers often make tweaks while keeping an ear to the ground. Additionally, builds for Waven classes are available. Several builds have been chosen, including those for the Eniripsa and the Sram.

Hit-and-run strategies are a strength of the Shaden Shiru Cra class. Use Shadowstep to swerve into and out of battle while capitalising on the element of surprise. Use Void Arrow to engage opponents and progressively weaken them by doing damage over time. Eclipse Barrage should be tactically employ to destroy congregated enemies or seize important terrain features. When things become bad, use Veil of Shadows’ strength to protect yourself and launch lethal counterattacks.

Focus on gear for your Shaden Shiru Cra that enhances mobility, ranged damage, and shadow skills. You may increase your damage by improving your critical hit critical damage. Look for equipment that with the class’s hit-and-run strategies so you can quickly and keep control of encounters.


The Shaden Shiru Cra class in WAVEN brings together the dexterity of a skilled archer and the mysticism of shadow manipulation. Accept the hybrid of this class and use its ranged prowess and shadow-infused skills to sow \throughout the battlefield. The Shaden Shiru Cra is a force to be feared, changing the course of as shadows dance in its wake thanks to its to command battles from a distance with accuracy.

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