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Rummy Golds APK Download | Get ₹21 Daily Bonus In Rummy Golds App


Rummy Golds offers one of the most rewarding referral programs in India. Referring friends to play rummy on the app and earn exciting cash bonuses and rewards is now easier than ever. If you are looking to optimize your earnings from the Rummy Golds referral program, use these smart tips and techniques:

Share Referral Link Widely

Your unique referral link is the key to earning rewards. Share this link as widely as possible on your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp status, Telegram groups, etc. Also use offline channels – share the link when meeting friends and family. The more people who get your referral link and sign-up, the bigger your bonus earnings.

Offer Referral Perks

Sweeten the deal by offering referral perks and bonuses out of your pocket to attract more friends. For instance, you can offer new players who sign up via your link extra game chips or a fixed cash incentive. This gives them an added benefit to register via your referral. The more sign-ups you get, the bigger your referral earnings from Rummy Golds.

Create Engaging Posts

Make creative social media posts that capture attention when promoting your referral link. Include eye-catching banners of offer, include benefits of joining, add testimonials from existing players. Create interesting posts that are hard to miss. This increases the click and sign-up rates on your referral link.

Target Rummy Lovers

Focus on promoting your Rummy Golds referral link only among people who love playing rummy. They are most likely to sign up quickly and start playing after getting your link. Avoid spamming the link randomly to people who have no interest in rummy. Targeted promotion gives better conversion.

Follow Up Regularly

Do not stop at just one post or message with your referral link. Follow up regularly with people you have shared the link with. Send periodic reminders, ask them to check the link, clarify doubts if any, and guide them through the sign-up process if required. Proper follow-ups lead to higher referral registrations.

Use Referral Credits to Upgrade

The referral earnings can be used to get a VIP upgrade and unlock bigger rewards. For example, accumulate credits and use them to upgrade to the next VIP tier to enjoy exclusive benefits like higher insurance, special tournaments, and other perks. Leverage referral credits to maximize program benefits.

Offer Support and Tip

Guide new players who sign up via your link by offering gaming support and tips. Explain the rules if required, suggest strategies to get started, provide moral support if they lose initially. This increases their engagement on the app. Higher engagement means more games played – resulting in bigger referral bonuses for you.

Participate in Special Promotions

Keep an eye out for special limited period referral promotions by Rummy Golds. They often announce contests to earn double or triple bonuses during festivals or other peak seasons. Leverage such promotions by referring more friends and maximizing earnings.

Final words

Referring friends is a win-win – your friends get to enjoy a world-class rummy experience and you earn exciting rewards. Follow these tips to become a top referrer on Rummy Golds and make the most from its referral program

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