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Como Jogar X1 no COD Mobile


Como Jogar x1 no COD Mobile: Call of Duty: Mobile brings the intensity of first-person shooter games to mobile devices, providing an exciting and action-packed gaming experience.

One of the most exciting game modes is 1×1, in which two players compete against each other in a hand-to-hand battle to see who is the best. In this article, we’ll look at some essential strategies and tips for playing Call of Duty: Mobile’s 1v1 mode.

The map selection may be critical to the success of a 1×1 battle. Some maps are better suited to long-distance competitions, while others are more suited to close-range competitions. Familiarise yourself with the available maps and select one that corresponds to your playing style and preferences.

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Como Jogar x1 no COD Mobile
Como Jogar x1 no COD Mobile

When it comes to loadout (the combination of weapons and equipment), it is crucial to choose weapons that you are comfortable with and that are appropriate for the type of battle you intend to engage in. Armas de médio alcance, such as assault rifles, are common choices, but everything is dependent on your own style.

Como Jogar x1 no COD Mobile:

Positioning is essential in 1×1. Always try to anticipate where your opponent will be and arrange your movements accordingly. Use cover, walls, and scene elements to protect yourself and avoid becoming an easy target. Maintaining unpredictability in your movement might make it difficult for your opponent to avert shots. Remember to keep track of the game’s pace. Do not feel compelled to run in the opposite direction of your opponent.

Evaluate the situation, remain cool, and choose your moments to advance or retreat. Controlling the weapon’s recoil and aiming for critical shots is essential in every Call of Duty: Mobile match, especially in a 1v1 battle. Spend some time practising the recoil control of your favourite weapons in the game’s training mode.

The more comfortable you are with the movement required to compensate for the recuo, the more effective you will be at keeping your gaze in the right direction. Despite the fact that 1×1 is an individual game, communication may nevertheless play a vital role. Trading tips and strategies with other players, watching gaming videos, and learning from the best players may all help you grow. Aside from that, a positive outlook is essential. Maintain faith in your abilities while also being willing to learn from your mistakes. Every game is an opportunity for growth and improvement.


Playing 1v1 in Call of Duty: Mobile is an exciting experience that requires skill, strategy, and quick reflexes. Choose your weapons wisely, master recoil management, maintain a good stance, and cultivate a growth mindset. With practise and dedication, you will be prepared to face any challenge that may arise on the mobile battleground.

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