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DBZ Kakarot Update 2.01 Patch Notes


DBZ Kakarot Update 2.01: Fans of the renowned anime and manga series have flocked to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, which provides an immersive experience that allows players to recreate the legendary story arcs of the Z Warriors.

Bandai Namco Entertainment has showed a continual commitment to improving the game, and the introduction of Update 2.01 is no exception. This update brings exciting new features, gameplay enhancements, and fresh material that are guaranteed to rekindle the enthusiasm of fans and players alike. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Update 2.01 includes a slew of new features and content that promise to increase the game’s immersion and provide players even more opportunities to interact with the Dragon Ball universe.

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DBZ Kakarot Update 2.01
DBZ Kakarot Update 2.01

This dynamic gameplay genre combines aspects of action role-playing and fighting games. The game offers a wide range of experiences, from furious combat against opponents to fishing, collecting Z orbs, training, and even piloting hover vehicles. Each of the four stories in the game—Saiyan epic, Frieza Saga, Cell Saga, and Buu Saga—allows players to dig into different arcs of the “Dragon Ball Z” epic, exploring the globe, doing side missions, and furthering the overall plot.

DBZ Kakarot Update 2.01:

The arrival of new playable characters is one of the most anticipated improvements in this release. Players may now put themselves in the shoes of fan favourites such as Future Trunks and Piccolo, each with their own set of powers and battle styles. This extended roster breathes new life into the game, providing players with more choices for strategizing and experiencing combat from other angles.

Bandai Namco has created time-limited events to keep gamers engaged and enthusiastic. These events let players to win exclusive gifts, unlock special challenges, and fight in fights that differ from the regular plot. This dynamic element motivates players to return to the game on a frequent basis to participate in these limited-time events.

The new Training Dojo feature allows users to improve the powers and skills of their characters in a safe setting. This allows gamers to fine-tune their fighting plans and experiment with new approaches without the stress of actual engagements. It’s a great addition for both newbies and seasoned players trying to improve their game.


Update 2.01 tackles various gameplay aspects, in addition to the exciting new content, to provide a smoother and more pleasurable experience. Combat is fundamental to DBZ Kakarot, and this update improves the combat system. Players can expect enhanced controls, improved camera angles, and more fluid animations, which will result in battles that are not only aesthetically stunning but also feel more responsive and exciting.

Based on user input, the update includes a variety of quality of life enhancements. These improvements include improvements to menu navigation, inventory management, and quest tracking. Such enhancements lead to a better overall user experience. Bandai Namco maintains their dedication to providing a refined experience by fixing reported problems and enhancing overall game stability. This ensures that players may immerse themselves in the game without being hampered by technological concerns.


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Update 2.01 demonstrates Bandai Namco’s commitment to both the game and its community. Players now have more reasons than ever to immerse themselves in the Dragon Ball universe, thanks to the addition of new characters, time-limited events, and the Training Dojo.

The improved combat mechanics, quality of life enhancements, and bug fixes further cement the game’s place as a must-play for series aficionados. Whether you’re reliving the classic battles or experiencing them for the first time, this update revitalises Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot by ensuring that the power-ups extend beyond the characters and into the gameplay itself. Update 2.01 is now available.

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