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Rocket League Season 12 Release Date, Rewards, Trailer, Leaks and More


Rocket League Season 12: Rocket League, the popular combination of high-speed racing and explosive football action, continues to wow players across the world with its ever-changing seasons.

Season 12 has wowed the community with a slew of new content, competitive challenges, and quality-of-life enhancements. Players are in for a treat as they buckle in for another round of furious, rocket-powered competition from the arena to the garage. Season 12 immerses players in a whole new arena, a futuristic coliseum that pushes the boundaries of design and excitement.

This new arena adds a layer of visual excitement to every play with its vivid colours, complex features, and dynamic surroundings. In this arena, the combination of regular football action with rocket-powered automobiles takes on a new level, requiring players to adjust their strategy to its unusual structure.

Rocket League has always been about showing one’s particular flair both on and off the pitch, and Season 12 doesn’t fail in that regard. A new set of decals, wheels, goal explosions, and other aesthetic things are now available to allow players to express themselves. The enhanced personalization possibilities provide something for everyone, whether you want a clean, minimalist design or a vibrant, eye-catching aesthetic.

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Rocket League Season 12
Rocket League Season 12

Rocket League Season 12 Release Date:

So, all things considered, Season 12 will almost certainly have a new theme as well as new vehicles and wheels. We can’t tell anything for certain because there is no official information about the forthcoming season’s content. But when can we anticipate Season 12 to be released? If we look at the previous Rocket League seasons, we can see that there is a 3-4 month lag between each release.

For example, the 10th Season began on March 8, 2023 and finished on June 6, 2023. Season 11 began on June 7th, after this. Based on this pattern, Season 11 of Rocket League might finish on September 5-6, and Season 12 will begin immediately after. As a result, Season 12 of Rocket League will be launched on September 7, 2023. Remember, we haven’t heard anything official from the devs yet, so these are just rumours. As a result, take this with a grain of salt.

Rocket League Season 12 Rewards:

As previously stated, Universal Animated Decals are a significant new addition to the Rocket League Season 12 awards. Each level in Season 12 competitive matches will have a unique Animated Decal for you to achieve, so it’s definitely worth your time to improve. That will be your ticket to obtaining each distinct decal, so chop-chop!

These decals may also be applied on any customised vehicle. You won’t be able to equip one vehicle and then never use it on another. Keep in mind that if you want to acquire each one, you’ll need to participate in placement matches throughout Season 12.

They won’t be delivered to you on a silver platter, so you’ll have to work hard to master the game. Season 12 will expire in December, so you’ll have plenty of time once Season 12 begins to acquire each animated decal. If you simply can’t wait to see what each Animated Decal looks like, we can give you an idea of how they’ll appear.

Rocket League Season 12 Trailer:

The Rocket League Season 12 Trailer is a thrilling teaser that captures the heart-pounding excitement and innovation that players can expect in the forthcoming season. The teaser explodes onto the screen with a kaleidoscope of brilliant colours and frantic action, introducing new venues, elegant vehicles, and compelling customization choices. As the suspense builds.

Fans witness glimpses of gravity-defying airborne manoeuvres, clever dribbles, and nail-biting saves that are likely to revolutionise the competitive landscape. The Season 12 Trailer, which features a seamless blend of cutting-edge graphics and signature Rocket League gameplay, promises a new chapter of high-octane soccer-inspired battles that will undoubtedly captivate both veterans and newcomers, setting the stage for yet another thrilling season of intense rocket-powered competition.

Rocket League Season 12 Leaks:

Rocket League Season 12 leaks have sparked enthusiasm among the game’s devoted fan base. Rumours and early sightings of new features, cosmetic items, and gameplay changes have sparked debate and conjecture throughout the community. Players are anxiously awaiting the formal announcement from the game’s creator, Psyonix, as more facts emerge.

These leaks have not only inspired interest in the impending content, but have also fueled arguments and ideas regarding the game’s meta and competitive scene. Whether it’s new arenas, unique game modes, or eye-catching customization possibilities, leaked information has heightened excitement for Rocket League Season 12, with fans counting down the days until the official release.

Rocket League Season 12 Cars:

Rocket League is still one of the most popular driving games today due to its unique take on numerous genres. An enticing vehicular soccer video game is created by combining awesome-looking automobiles and exciting handling, as well as a Fast and Furious movie with everyone’s favourite soccer moments.

Rocket League has one of the top rankings across all platforms, making it a worldwide fan favourite. Fans who have previously played the game are aware that there are a plethora of automobiles to peruse and acquire, and some may be unsure where to begin or what to seek for within the enormous, ever-expanding list. While many cars are similar — especially when they share a hitbox — there are subtle differences that can affect one’s gameplay and even the outcome of a race.


The Octane is practically every player’s favourite automobile, which is surprising given that it is one of the game’s default vehicles. Amateurs and pros alike adore this car and stick with it throughout their tenure in Rocket League. The Octane is impressive: it has a flawless design, handles like a dream, and fits perfectly into every sharp corner.

The Octane’s design is thoroughly thought out, allowing the vehicle to seamlessly manoeuvre with the ball both on the ground and in the air. Although most gamers like switching between cars, the majority of them return to where they started. It’s one of those rare occasions when an automobile appears.


This is the most common automobile observed at high levels after the Octane. It’s easy to control, performs well in mid-air, and handles turns flawlessly. It has the best of both worlds, functioning well on the ground and in the air. This is frequently regarded as the greatest Rocket League car for somewhat more experienced players.

Yet it is also quite user-friendly for newcomers. Furthermore, Dominus is faultless. The Dominus exudes vintage muscle car feelings with its extended front, little detailing, and vibrant colours, making every player feel like a million bucks. This gem is a genuine asset throughout the game, fantastic for both offence and defence.


In Rocket League, the Batmobile is the chef’s kiss of vehicles. The design is flawless, providing excellent Dark Knight chills. At higher levels, players will see a lot of Batmobiles, which is a very popular pick for a variety of reasons. It is the longest car in the game and has an angular shape that allows players to make perfect shots like a dream as a unique Dominus-type automobile.

The Batmobile’s large and flat shape allows it to function admirably in the air. Honourable mentions for automobiles that are most comparable to this beast include the Artemis, Centio, and Sentinel. This automobile was once available as part of the DC Super Heroes DLCpack, however it is no longer accessible as of Patch v1.70.

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