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Big Daddy Game App Download | Play Games & Earn ₹121 In APK


The Big Daddy Game app offers a lucrative referral program that lets you earn commissions when you invite friends. In this article, we provide an in-depth guide on how the referral system works along with tips to maximize your referral income.

How the Referral System Works

The referral program rewards you when people register using your unique invite code and make predictions. Here is an overview:

  • Access your invite code under “My Promotions” in the app.
  • Share this code directly or use the sharing links provided.
  • Friends enter the code during signup and become your referrals.
  • You earn commissions when they make color predictions.
  • The more predictions your referrals make, the more you can earn.

The Big Daddy Game referral program is two-tiered:

  • Level 1 referrals are people who signed up directly using your code. You earn 30% commission on their predictions.
  • Level 2 referrals are people who signed up using your Level 1 referral’s code. You earn 20% commission on their activity.

So, your income compounds as your referrals invite more members.

Strategies to Maximize Earnings

Here are some effective strategies to earn the most from the Big Daddy Game referral program:

  • Target friends and family likely to actively play: Focus your invites on those interested in making predictions versus mass invites.
  • Coordinate predictions: Encourage referrals to make predictions at least 2-3 times daily during the allotted hours. Coordinate colors to improve odds.
  • Motivate referrals: Check in with referrals and motivate them to keep making predictions. Offer guidance as needed.
  • Promote referral links smartly: Share referral links on your social media profiles and messaging platforms. Create short links for easy sharing.
  • Offer referral incentives: Consider offering small cash prizes to top referrers to gain more signups.
  • Grow your network wider: Get Level 1 referrals to share their own codes and widen your earning potential through Level 2.
  • Track referral performance: Log referral activity to identify your top promoters. Engage them for continued growth.
  • With consistent effort, you can build a solid referral network and passive income stream via Big Daddy Game.

Key Referral Program Rules

When using the referral program, keep these rules in mind:

  • Referral codes are case sensitive, so enter carefully during registration.
  • You can only use one referral code when signing up for an account.
  • Commissions are calculated based on predictions made between 12pm-12am daily.
  • Minimum withdrawal limit applies. You may need several referrals before you can withdraw commissions.
  • Referrals must make predictions within 90 days of signup for you to earn.
  • The company can change referral terms at any time.
  • By understanding the guidelines, you can avoid issues when claiming commissions.

Driving Growth through Referrals

Referrals are a proven way to exponentially grow an app and your earnings. With a well-planned referral strategy, you can build a sustainable income stream via Big Daddy Game. Consistent promotion and monitoring referrer activity is key.

Final words

The two-tier structure creates a viral effect that boosts income. Most importantly, coordinate with referrals so everyone wins more through collaboration. This transforms referrals from a one-time sign up into active, long-term players. Download the Big Daddy Game or visit the website and start playing it today.

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