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New Hero CICI MLBB – Leaked on the Advanced Server


New Hero CICI MLBB: Fans of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) have every reason to rejoice as a new character, CICI, makes a triumphant return to fight.

The dynamics and techniques of the game change dramatically with each new hero, and CICI is no exception. Let’s explore what makes CICI a noteworthy addition to the MLBB squad as players anxiously await the chance to learn her skills. The story and character designs in CICI are evidence of the game creators’ talent for creativity.

She carries with her a complex past that links into the game’s larger plot because she is from the mysterious land of Etheria. The thorough attention to detail in her look, attire, and motions creates an immersive environment for gamers as they move around the battlefield.

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CICI joins the team as a mage with special skills that have the potential to change the course of battles. Her adaptability enables her to succeed in a variety of tasks while adjusting to unique team dynamics and tactics. Etheric Energy is used to designate adversaries in CICI’s basic strikes. Her strikes deliver more damage and provide her a temporary shield after she reaches a particular amount of marks.

Her gameplay is made more complex by her passive ability, which rewards players who can skillfully control their assaults. CICI launches an arcane energy bolt that strikes adversaries in a straight path with a flick of her wrist. Players with good accuracy can use this ability to catch adversaries that are fleeing or even hit numerous foes at once. CICI demonstrates her command over Etheria by teleporting to a specific spot and leaving an ethereal clone behind.

For a limited time, this clone imitates her motions, baffling her adversaries and giving her an escape or pursuit weapon. At the height of her sorcery, CICI calls forth a huge Astral Nova at a predetermined location. Upon contact, the nova bursts, causing substantial area-of-effect damage. She becomes a force to be reckoned with in crucial situations thanks to her ultimate ability, which may decide team fights and secure objectives.

Strategic Depth and Gameplay:

The toolbox of CICI adds a layer of strategic intricacy to MLBB’s gameplay. Players have the chance to outplay rivals in creative ways thanks to her capacity to control placement, fool enemies using clones, and inflict devastating area damage. It will need a mix of exact timing, spatial awareness, and in-depth knowledge of the game mechanics to master her techniques.

Like every other hero in MLBB, CICI’s efficacy is increase by working in concert with particular team lineups. She is an important member of the squad in team battles and skirmishes due to her mobility and area-of-effect damage capability. However, she can run into problems with heroes who can sabotage her posture or disable her powers.


The introduction of CICI in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ushers in a brand-new age of excitement and strategy for gamers. She offers a novel layer to the game’s already varied cast of heroes with her distinctive design, engrossing narrative, and adaptable skills. CICI is set to have a profound influence on the MLBB environment as players go out on their quest to perfect her playstyle and contribute to their teams. So summoners, get ready to embark on an intriguing journey across Etheria with this new mage!

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