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Bloons TD 6 Odyssey This Week


Bloons TD 6 Odyssey This Week: The world of tower defense gaming has seen its fair share of innovation and excitement over the years, but one series that has consistently captured players’ hearts and minds is Bloons TD.

Developed by Ninja Kiwi, this franchise has taken the tower defense genre to new heights with its unique blend of strategy, colorful graphics, and challenging gameplay. One of the latest and most anticipated additions to the series is the Odyssey mode in Bloons TD 6, offering players an endless adventure filled with balloons, monkeys, and heaps of fun. In this article, we’ll delve into the exciting world of Bloons TD 6 Odyssey and explore what makes it a must-play experience for both fans and newcomers alike.

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Bloons TD 6 Odyssey This Week
Bloons TD 6 Odyssey This Week

A New Odyssey Begins:

Released as an update to Bloons TD 6, Odyssey mode introduces a novel way for players to engage with the game. Odyssey offers a series of challenging maps, known as Odyssey tracks, where players must strategize and overcome increasingly difficult waves of balloons. What sets Odyssey mode apart from the traditional gameplay is its roguelike nature – players venture into the tracks with limited lives and attempt to complete as many maps as they can. Each map completed earns Odyssey points, which contribute to a cumulative Odyssey score.

Endless Variety:

One of the standout features of Odyssey mode is the incredible variety it brings to the table. Every week, a new set of Odyssey tracks is introduced, ensuring that players constantly face fresh challenges. The tracks are carefully designed to provide a unique set of obstacles and opportunities, requiring players to adapt their strategies and tower placements. This ever-changing landscape keeps the gameplay experience exciting and prevents it from becoming stale.

Strategic Depth:

Bloons TD 6 has always been known for its strategic depth, and Odyssey mode takes this to the next level. With limited lives and the goal of maximizing Odyssey points, players must carefully select their towers, upgrades, and heroes to optimize their chances of success. Odyssey mode encourages experimentation as players figure out the most effective combinations to tackle each track’s challenges.

Heroes and Rewards:

Another exciting aspect of Odyssey mode is the utilization of heroes. Players can choose from a roster of unique heroes. Each with their own special abilities that can turn the tide of battle. These heroes add a layer of strategy and dynamic gameplay to the experience, as players must decide when and how to use their abilities for maximum impact.

Furthermore, Odyssey mode offers enticing rewards for successful completion of maps. Players can earn Odyssey coins, which can spent on special Odyssey-exclusive power-ups and modifiers. These modifiers can drastically alter the gameplay, making it even more challenging or providing interesting twists that keep players on their toes.

Community Engagement:

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Odyssey mode is its community-driven nature. Players can compete with each other on the global Odyssey leaderboards, striving to earn higher scores and establish their dominance. This fosters a sense of camaraderie and competition among players. As they share strategies, discuss optimal tower placements, and celebrate each other’s achievements.


Bloons TD 6 Odyssey is a breath of fresh air for both seasoned Bloons players and newcomers to the series. Its ever-changing maps, strategic depth, and community engagement make it a compelling addition to the tower defense genre. With its weekly updates, players can always look forward to a new challenge and an opportunity to test their strategic prowess. Whether you’re a fan of strategic tower defense games or simply someone looking for an exciting and engaging gaming experience, Bloons TD 6 Odyssey is certainly worth diving into. So, gather your monkeys, select your heroes, and embark on an endless adventure filled with bloon-popping fun!

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