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Luffy x Ling MLBB New Collab


Luffy x Ling MLBB: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), a game that offers a wide variety of heroes and engrossing action, has completely revolutionised the gaming industry.

Among these characters, Luffy and Ling have become a beloved team that has won over gamers all around the world. The dynamic duo of Luffy and Ling from MLBB is examined in this article, along with their synergy, advantages, and contributions to the game. It would seem strange at first to put together Ling, a quick and elusive assassin, with Luffy, a powerful hero from the Grand Line. The MLBB meta has been revolutionised by its flawless complementarity of one another’s particular skills.

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Luffy x Ling MLBB
Luffy x Ling MLBB

Luffy x Ling MLBB:

Gum-Gum Pistol (Skill 1): Luffy may fight opponents from a distance with the use of his long-range punch skill, making it simpler for Ling to execute follow-up attacks. Elephant Gatling (Skill 2): This ability enables Luffy to punch quickly, establishing a zone of control that prevents enemy movement and positions Ling for powerful blows.

Gum-Gum Elephant Rifle (Ultimate) Ling can use Luffy’s ultimate ability to reposition or take down adversaries that are taken off surprise by the tremendous damage and knockback it provides. Ling can dash through the air using his first talent, Cloud Walker, which enables for rapid mobility and escapes. Luffy’s crowd-control skills aid in holding adversaries in place so that Ling may take advantage of them.

Ling attacks surrounding foes with a flurry of slashes using her second skill, Defiant Sword. Luffy’s skills can position adversaries so that Ling can use his combination successfully. Tempest of Blades (Ultimate): Ling may strike several adversaries at once while using his ultimate ability, which turns him into a flurry of blades. Enemies can be gather together by Luffy’s crowd control techniques, enhancing the power of Ling’s ultimate.

Synergy in Action:

The synergy between Luffy and Ling extends beyond only their complementary skill sets; their playstyle and approach are crucial to their joint success. Ling’s burst damage and assassination skills enhance Luffy’s ability to start team fights and command the battlefield. Imagine this When Luffy uses his Gum-Gum Elephant Rifle to push opponents into a small space. They become exposed and confused. This prepares Ling to use his Tempest of Blades, instantly dispatching a number of enemies caught in Luffy’s crowd control.

This lethal dance of displacement and accuracy is the pinnacle of these two warriors’ unmatch cooperation. The Luffy x Ling alliance has changed not just how athletes see team configurations but also the MLBB competition environment. Professional teams have started planning their strategies around this pair, utilising their complementary skills to gain triumphs. This strategic change has enhanced team diversity and given hero synergies a new viewpoint.


The alliance between Luffy and Ling in the constantly changing environment of Mobile Legends. Bang Bang is proof of the endless potential of hero synergies. They have cemented their status as one of the most engaging teams in MLBB history with their combination of skills. Distinctive playing style, and influence on the metagame. The legacy of Luffy x Ling will likely survive as players experiment with new tactics and team combinations, motivating both elite and casual players to create their own dynamic alliances on the battlefield.

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