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Baldur’s Gate3 Best Monk Build Guide For Level 1-12 Dragon! (Easy to Use)


Baldur’s Gate3 Best Monk Build Guide For Level 1-12 Dragon! (Easy to Use): In Baldur’s Gate 3, join the Monk class as they set out on a path of spiritual growth and combat prowess!

This article will show you how to create a Monk build that is optimised for fighting dragons and other powerful enemies from levels 1 to 12. With this simple-to-use Monk build, you may reach new heights regardless of your level of experience in the game. Monks are recognised for their outstanding physical skills, which have been developed through years of practise and a close relationship with their own bodies.

The Monk’s speed, agility, and skill in unarmed combat may be a game-changer when battling powerful dragons. The Way of the Open Hand subclass is the centre of our tutorial since it is a flexible option that supports your quest to slay dragons. Only the Monk wasn’t ready for players during the Early Access period of the 12 playable classes in Baldur’s Gate 3.

With three different sub-classes to choose from, monks in BG3 have a tonne of possibilities that might all result in a wonderful monk build. But it appears like Shadow Monks will rule supreme based on what fans have seen in the early complete release. Monks that belong to the Way of Shadow subclass will find it easier to execute covert actions and gain advantage by being inconspicuous and hidden. It falls somewhere in the middle between a melee and a caster class.

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Baldur's Gate3 Best Monk Build Guide For Level 1-12 Dragon! (Easy to Use)
Baldur’s Gate3 Best Monk Build Guide For Level 1-12 Dragon! (Easy to Use)

Character Creation:

Your Monk build depends heavily on your choice of race. Ideal races are those that have Dexterity and Wisdom boosts. Due to their stat boosts and racial traits that improve mobility or resistance, Wood Elves, Drow, or Lightfoot Halflings are great alternatives. Consider Dexterity and Wisdom to be your two most important ability scores. While Wisdom raises your Ki save DC and enhances your ability to notice and withstand influences, Dexterity increases your AC, attack bonus, and damage with finesse weapons.

Your hit points will be increased if your Constitution score is strong. At level 1, monks are able to determine their AC without requiring armour by utilising their Dexterity and Wisdom. This makes your monk extremely mobile and hard to attack, both of which are essential for surviving battles with dragons. You get Ki points at level 2, which power several Monk skills.

You can use Flurry of Blows as a bonus action after using the Attack action to perform two unarmed blows by spending one Ki point. This will allow you to hit your dragon opponent repeatedly in a single turn. By using Ki points, you can activate Patient Defence, which will strengthen your defences by giving you the Dodge action as a bonus action. You can take the Disengage or Dash action as a bonus action with Step of the Wind, which is ideal for avoiding breath attacks or closing the gap.

Equipment and Feats:

Monks are skilled with shortswords and basic weaponry. To increase your damage output while maintaining the unique characteristics of your Monk, choose flexible weapons like the quarterstaff. Consider getting the “Mobile” feat at level 4, which improves your speed and movement in combat. This achievement not only fits the Monk’s motif, but it also makes it easier to avoid the dragons’ potentially dangerous attack zones.

Dragons frequently have particular weak points, such as bodily parts or elemental vulnerabilities. To do the most damage, find these weaknesses. Utilise your greater speed to take up a tactical stance. To take as little damage as possible, flank the dragon, hide behind cover, or use hit-and-run strategies.

It’s satisfying to go out on a quest to defeat dragons as a monk in Baldur’s Gate 3. You are a deadly foe because to your unmatched agility, skill in unarmed combat, and Ki-powered powers. You may defeat dragons by following our advice and using the Way of the Open Hand subclass, which will give you an advantage. Start the dragon-slaying journey by unleashing your inner potential.

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