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Explore the Ruins BG3 – Baldur’s Gate III Guide


Explore the Ruins BG3: A side mission called “Explore the Ruins” in Baldur’s Gate 3 takes players into one of the game’s first dungeons and gives them a variety of ways to approach a few fights.

Our tutorial will show you how to start the quest and identify every route that might lead to the reward at the finish, which is the capacity to respec your character or resurrect your allies—both of which are crucial in BG3. Yes, your game is faulty if Withers is missing from the Baldur’s Gate 3 Explore the Ruins mission. This NPC is meant to show up in the Dank Crypt, just after you enter a little space with a beautiful tomb.

Withers appears when you open the tomb and converses with you (I’m not sure if you need the Speak with the Dead amulet to accomplish this, though). He then asks you a question, and regardless of your response, he ultimately establishes himself in your camp. He is significant since he allows character and companion respecs and can bring back the dead. Obviously for a cost, but his skills are priceless.

Therefore, if the Explore the Ruins quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 is broken and Withers does not appear, you are missing out on some potentially significant elements. Although I don’t believe it will entirely void your save and render the game unplayable, it will, at the very least, make things more challenging than they need to be. Currently, as far as we are aware, there is no way to repair this bug, with the possible exception of loading a save from before you entered the Dank Crypt.

Explore the Ruins BG3:

If you didn’t manage to liberate Shadowheart from the pod, you can only access this task. Following the Nautiloid crash, you will discover her to the north of your landing spot. Even if you don’t get the quest if you saved Shadowheart, it only serves as a guide to the dungeon, and you may still get your prize whether or not the task shows up in your diary.

It can be challenging to pick the lock on the door Shadowheart is trying to enter unless you have a rogue and a few extra bonuses. Fortunately, you have a choice of three more entrances. The three options all include climbing the cliffs to reach the upper level of the building. Enter the Nautiloid’s wreckage from the west.

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Explore the Ruins BG3
Explore the Ruins BG3

Along the road, you and Shadowheart could run into several Intellect Devourers, but you should be able to defeat them. After that, go away from the rubble and towards the east, potentially stopping to pick up Gale from the errant sigil that has started to emerge on the cliff wall. Lae’zel can be rescued from her position if you proceed north from here, completing your team before entering the ruins and engaging in a few battles.

Fight with about 5 other Bandits:

The first way to get inside the ruins is to sneak over to the temple and shoot the crane that’s holding a big stone block in place. The two grunts who were lingering beneath it should be killed right away, but you’ll have to deal with their two remaining friends. You can dive through the hole the stone block has made after the battle is complete. This route is dangerous because you can’t escape thereafter, and you’ll get into a confrontation with roughly 5 other robbers quite shortly.

The second option is to enter the courtyard to the north of the crane you wrecked and make an effort to unlock it. The thief manning the door will believe his companions have arrived. You have a chance to kill him before he alerts the rest of his squad, whether you choose to open the lock or not. There is a volatile barrel in the middle of the looters that will explode if exposed to fire, thus you may use a lever adjacent to the other entrance in this area to open it and surprise them.

Before they overwhelm you, this can help you equalise the playing field. You will also find yourself in the Dank Crypt if you are successful in picking the latch on the door that Shadowheart was attempting to unlock. Take care as you move around this sarcophagus-filled chamber since there are several traps that can instantly murder your group.

Jergal’s Statue Room:

Be prepared to engage in combat now that you have entered this space. By looting the skeletons, you can ease the struggle by removing any melee weapons from their arsenal before they come to life. When you’re ready, move to the north side of the area and press the button that appears to the left of the enormous statue.

This will reveal a secret room and reawaken the undead for combat! Use healing potions freely and concentrate on taking down the skeletons one at a time. Early in the campaign, they’re ideal for mending your low level characters. When they are all vanquished, proceed to the room that you unlocked by pressing a button.

Speak with Withers, a pacifist zombie who waxes philosophical, by interacting with the huge sarcophagus. Complete the mission by responding to his inquiries! After that, you may loot his sarcophagus and the large box in the area for further gifts, including an amulet that gives you the ability to momentarily resuscitate a corpse so you can talk with it.

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