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How to Start Monkey Island Sea of Thieves


How to Start Monkey Island Sea of Thieves: A much-anticipated crossover with the iconic Monkey Island series has recently been introduced to the well-known pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves.

The iconic Monkey Island crossover in Sea of Thieves may be unlocked using the instructions in this tutorial. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get started! You must first enter the A Pirate’s Life Tall Tale campaign of Sea of Thieves in order to find the game’s prominent Monkey Island allusion. You may locate The Castaway at any outpost in the game or directly from the main menu.

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How to Start Monkey Island Sea of Thieves
How to Start Monkey Island Sea of Thieves

Once there, engage with the first A Pirate’s Life Tall Tale, “A Pirate’s Life.” The Tall Tale is now officially underway. To get to the main pirate settlement or town, you’ll need to navigate this Tall Tale. You can get there by visiting IGN’s A Pirate’s Life guide, but you’ll know you’ve there if you’ve gone down a river that resembles a waterslide. The village is completely green, has several shipwrecks, and a huge lighthouse.

The Cursed Captain in this town must first be set free, so accomplish that first. Once you’ve reached the town, move further down the walkway and ignite the brazier beside the steps on the right. The entrance to the town itself is now open. Once inside, keep an ear out for the voice of the Cursed Captain and follow them.

How to Start Monkey Island Sea of Thieves:

Until you get at a little pulley lift, swim forward and walk forward. Pull yourself up using this pulley and take note of the closed door leading to the captain’s quarters of this ship; we’ll get to it. Use this pulley to lift some stuff up by looking for it. Jump aboard this cargo and then leap across to the nearby wreckage. If you’ve lined it up correctly, the second platform will be across from it on the right.

Turn right and use the pulley up here to move the platform that is the furthest away from you near enough to the left so you can leap onto it. With this in your possession, leave Captain Bones’ Special Recipe aboard the ship and go via the closest door.  Climb the ship’s mast until you are directly above the cage housing the Cursed Captain. To lower the cage, use your sword. Taking Captain Bones’ Special Recipe in your hands, descend to the dirt below. You can find the Cursed Captain’s skull inside the cage if you leave the recipe near it and then go check. We must first set them free.

You may see a bar if you look to the right of this cage. Ghostly pirates will materialise as you enter. Look for a pulley on the left as you enter the tavern’s rear. Use it to lower the chandelier in the tavern. Grab the Cage Key by going to the chandelier. Use this key to unlock their cell and return it to the Cursed Captain. While we finish the following stage, feel free to leave the Cursed Captain skull and Captain Bones’ Special Recipe bottle here.

Where to Find the Treasure and Poor Dougie:

Keep an eye on the ground and go towards the ship with the red sails that light green. On the ground, there ought to be some gold. It will bring you to what looks to be a burial place next to a lighted lantern if you follow it to the left. Poor Dougie’s body can be found here if you dig. Feel free to listen to what he has to say while he lights his lamp.

Although he has a key on his chest, he requests that you bring him the treasure it unlocks. Do that right now. Return to the Cursed Captain cage, and when you get there, turn left. Follow that direction, and watch out for a wooden walkway. It will lead you to a ship’s stern. A pulley is in this chamber, on the left. Utilise it to move the curtains in this room to the left before exiting the room through the door to the right and ascending some steps.

Light the three lamps on the outer path up here, and then head back inside. Move the skeleton’s arm to the left of it. This shifts the skeleton’s magnifying glass so that it zeroes in on a map of a treasure location. You’ll see a red X marking the location of the prize. Poor Dougie wants this prize, so.

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