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Top 7 Best Weapons In Jagged Alliance 3


Best Weapons In Jagged Alliance 3 -The tactical role-playing video game Jagged Alliance 3 was created by Haemimont Games. It is an isometric-based strategy game that will be available on July 14, 2023. In it, players take controlof mercenaries who each have a distinct history and personality. Vicki Waters, Ivan Dolvich, and Fidel Dahan are among the returning characters among the 40 mercenaries in the game.

Best Weapons In Jagged Alliance 3
Best Weapons In Jagged Alliance 3

Best Weapons In Jagged Alliance 3


In Jagged Alliance 3, the Minimi is a powerful two-hand weapon that can command the battlefield and foes. It has light armour penetration, 17 damage, 30 range, 4 attack costs, 8 crit chance, and 4 aim bonuses. The Minimi is initially challenging to utilise, but as skill develops, players may use it to the fullest. It works well for both seizing and protecting regions.


In Jagged Alliance 3, the Glock-18 is a flexible and adaptable weapon that can use with one hand and has a number of firing modes. It has a 15 damage rate, a 10 range, a 5 burst attack cost, a 58 probability of a critical hit, a 5 aiming bonus, and no armour penetration. There are several shooting modes available for the handgun, including burst fire, distracted shot, dual shot, mobile shot, and single shot. The Glock-18 may use successfully as an auxiliary weapon to supplement your primary weapon with appropriate mechanics and knowledge of when to utilise each mode. Additionally, the handgun may altere utilising extra slots, broadening its potential.


The M82 is a Browning Machine Gun with high damage and critical chance against semi-ranged opponents. It offers single shot and distracting shot fire options, making it best for’shoot through the wall’. However, its noise is a drawback.


The most terrifying and destructive weapon in Jagged Alliance 3 is the RPG-7. It makes up for the absence of critical damage with huge armour penetration with 60 damage, 45 range, 6 attack cost, 0 critical probability, and 2 aiming bonus. You may simply approach enemy concentrations with this weapon without worrying about getting hurt. If you get the chance to buy it, don’t think twice.


In Jagged Alliance 3, the Famas is a premier assault weapon with precise shooting and simple use. Although it has a 10 times lower critical probability than the Glock-18, it still has a useful range. FAMAS is a versatile weapon that may use in Auto Fire, Burst Fire, Distracting Shot, and Single Shot shooting modes. It is best suite for combat players that are self-assure and have precise aim.


The PSG1 is a long-range sniper rifle with high Critical Hit Chance and precision. Ensuring high-damage and precise shots on target. It features Single Shot and Distracting Shot firing modes for enhanced precision and damage.


The M24 sniper rifle in Jagged Alliance 3 has substantial damage stats but is not reliable in accuracy and noisy, affecting defense. The extensive weapons system, including light armor damage 46, critical hit chance, and an aim bonus, is a highlight.

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