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Oxygen Not Included Latest Patch Notes


Oxygen Not Included Patch Notes: Klei Entertainment created and released the video game Oxygen Not Included a survival simulation. The game was finally published on July 30, 2019, after having been available in early access on Steam since February 2017.

In the space colony simulation game Oxygen Not Included, you’ll discover that lack of oxygen, warmth, and food poses ongoing dangers to the existence of your colony. Help colonists navigate the dangers of living underground on an asteroid and watch as their population increases until they are not just surviving but thriving. When you press ALT + F7 in Oxygen Not Included, the common hack God Mode also appears.

Your Dupes are protected from all types of harm and death once this is engaged. By doing this, the tedious task of attending to their medical requirements is avoided. Our Song of the Moo upgrade is something we’re utterly happy to release! New structures, two food recipes, changes to critter ranching, new components (including a foamy green liquid that technically counts as milk), and completely new behavior for the powerful Gassy Moo are all included in this version. New cosmetic skins are also available.

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Oxygen Not Included Patch Notes
Oxygen Not Included Patch Notes

Oxygen Not Included Patch Notes:

tame and fed Gassy Moos now create Brackene, a new milky substance. When the time comes, ranchers may call a Moo to the brand-new Milking Station facility to milk their animals. Don’t worry if your colony doesn’t yet have Gassy Moos—using the new Plant Pulverizer to crush some crops will also provide Brackene!

The Water Cooler is where duplicates can receive Brackene, but the new Critter Fountain is where animals can get it. It is a nutrient-free mood enhancer in both situations. Alternately, at the brand-new Brackwax Gleaner structure, Brackene may be processed into a peculiar polymer called Brackwax.

The black wax can be used as a lubricant to speed up travel in transit tubes or to make the extremely heat-resistant super plastic known as Platinum. Gassy Moos may now kind of reproduce. The legendary Gassy Mooteor, which is produced when a domesticated Moo consumes enough Gas Grass, causes them to roar operatic moos that reverberate throughout the galaxy, luring a new member of the herd to that asteroid.

Other Cool Stuff:

Although you might expect some Sand as a byproduct, the new Bleach Stone Hopper construction can provide a consistent supply of Bleach Stone from Salt and Gold inputs. When you use the Meteor Blaster to blast meteors out of the sky, they will now sometimes drop some resources. We’ve given Duplicants the ability to consume raw eggs and added an automation connection to the Egg Cracker.

If you’re feeling sophisticated, you may use the electric grill to make soufflé pancakes or the gas range to make a delectable mushroom quiche. Now that every critter trap and lure is constructed of raw metal, it may be rearmed after each usage. Finally, we’ve added over 50 new cosmetic skins to the Supply Closet and improved the UI. The Gassy Moo has undergone several upgrades, including being made milkable.

Their peculiar brackish milk is used in both small and big colonies for a number of purposes. You can choose to join the temporary, unsupported Previous Update branch if your mods are broken or if you need a bit more time before moving over. Tell us what you believe. You may post bug reports and feedback right here. We thoroughly enjoyed reading it all and are very grateful to you.

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