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Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.57 Patch Notes


Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.57 Patch Notes: A new Rainbow Six Siege update will be published later today, according to Ubisoft, and it will include substantial balancing changes for numerous operators, including Vigil, Thorn, Oryx, and NKK. The update will also include a number of bug fixes for the user interface and gameplay.

Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.54 Patch Notes
Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.57 Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.57 Patch Notes

Depending on the platform you use, the size of the most recent Rainbow Six Siege update may change. The newest patch is the smallest of the bunch at 1.12GB in size, according to Ubisoft Connect users. For PlayStation 4 users, the largest file size will be 1.65GB.

To make room for the delivery of the new update, Ubisoft has announced that all servers, irrespective of platform, will be shut down later today. View the whole maintenance schedule and patch notes below while you wait for the servers to be operational once again.

Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.57 Patch Notes Bug FIX

  • Entering an ongoing round in the Snipers Arcade did not result in endless ammunition.
  • When put on the rear wall of the 2F Main Stairs, devices from the Skyscraper map are identified outside.
  • The Battle Pass map now flashes on the screen when you enter the Progress section.
  • A mistake happened after accepting a squad invitation from a member of the squad.
  • The Customization and Shop problems have been fixed.

Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.57 Patch Notes Operator Balancing 

  • Igil’s glitching behaviour will be the same as Nkk’s.
  • When doing particular actions, such as shooting, the ERC-7 Video Disruptor does not switch off; instead, it causes the camera to glitch.
  • Vigil will not be shielded by Grim’s Kawan Hive or Lion’s EE-ONE-D. Both devices will recognise him, but he may escape being pinged by turning on the ERC-7.
  • The HEL gadget function no longer mutes movement noises.
  • The maximum duration has been increased from 12 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • Additional glitching sources, such as being flashed or pushed, have been included.
  • Prisma can no longer defend Alibi from Nkk. She will be identified, but by turning on her HEL device, she may cease being pinged.
  • The UZK50GI currently has a 1.5x sight.
  • The hatch climb is 30% faster.

About Rainbow Six Siege Update

On Tuesday, July 11 at 9 a.m, all Rainbow Six Siege servers will be offline for maintenance, according to Ubisoft. Players won’t able to play until 10AM ET / 2PM UTC since the servers anticipated to be out for 60 minutes.

Version 2.38 of Rainbow 6 Siege was launched early this year and contains a number of changes, including a new operator, device, crossplay, ranking map, and more. Version 2.42 of Siege has also recently been released with a few minor modifications. Unfortunately, players’ problems with the game still exist. The freshly released Rainbow 6 Siege patch 2.57 will address some of these problems.

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