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lol Update 13.15 Patch notes


lol Update 13.15 Patch notes: You may be wondering when the next League of Legends update will be, and happily, we’ve got all of the answers for you in the form of our patch notes schedule below.

Fortunately, LoL updates are very often, so we can guess when the most recent patch notes will be released in the immensely popular MOBA. We’ve got you covered with all of the dates you’ll need to keep up with, whether it’s the latest Champion updates or simply basic balancing adjustments. So, if you’re wondering when the next League of Legends update will be, have a look at our LoL patch notes schedule in the remainder of this article below.

The next League of Legends update is set to take place on Thursday, June 14, 2023. With this newest update, you’ll be able to experience all of the most recent improvements to the game, such as balancing tweaks to some of the Champions on the roster, as well as some general updates and bug fixes. Because these updates are very frequent, we don’t always observe significant changes in each one. However, you never know what the newest patch may bring, so keep an eye out.

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lol Update 13.14 Patch notes
lol Update 13.15 Patch notes

lol Update 13.15 Patch notes:

We will have 24 patch updates in 2023, with the first one beginning in January and the last one ending in December. However, for those of you that play ranked, this year will be a little different since the ranked season will be broken into two halves. But first, let’s see when the patches will be available this year. LoL Patch 13.15 is now available.

This patch attempted to address the chaos created by the Midseason update with several item modifications, while also buffing some of the game’s underperforming champions. Patch changes are so often in League of Legends owing to the large number of champions and systems. Not to mention the spaghetti code that this game operates on; it’s definitely critical to maintain the patches up to date so that the devs don’t get lost.

League of Legends is now over a decade old, with over 160 champions and counting. Riot may examine the champion’s strengths and weaknesses with patch releases and make modifications appropriately, since a single item change can sometimes make a champion OP. As a result, it’s critical to maintain the game up to date.

LoL patch notes schedule:

Here is a list of all the patch notes that will be released in LoL in 2023, along with the day they will be released and their estimated patch version.

Date Patch Number
May 17, 2023 13.10
June 1, 2023 13.11
June 14, 2023 13.12
June 28, 2023 13.13
July 19, 2023 13.15
August 2, 2023 13.15
August 26, 2023 13.16
August 30, 2023 13.17
September 13, 2023 13.18


As you can see, there are still a lot of patches coming this year, so there are lots of adjustments to look forward to that will hopefully keep the game new and balanced. That’s all you need to know about the next League of Legends update, as well as a complete patch notes schedule until 2023. Looking for more League of Legends content? For the most recent news and information on the site, visit our dedicated game page.

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