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PUBG New State Redeem Code 24 September 2023


PUBG New State Redeem Code 24 September 2023: If you are on the lookout for possible PUBG NEW STATE Redeem codes, we have your back. Do not worry at all. The new and latest Battle Royale from PUBG studios will be hitting and available for all mobiles soon and it’s a super exciting time for all fans of the game and series. The update will go live and be available to download on November 11th.

But to give all its loyal fans and gamers, a glimpse and taste of what is to come in the new update. Some New State Redeem codes are available. That will help you and give you a head start over all the others and will help you in getting a lot of in-game skin. Like currencies, weapons, and many valuable items, but all you will be doing is just redeeming the codes.

These codes will even give you an additional boost and help you in playing the upcoming much bigger and more expansive battle royale without any worries and dominate the game.

So be sure to follow the steps and redeem the codes.

What is the New State Redeem Codes 

PUBG NEW STATE REDEEM CODES are some of the exclusive and special redeemable codes that can and might potentially give you a lot of exclusive and unique in-game items. These codes might also help you in getting the in-game currency, the limited weapon, skins and so much more.

But to know what benefits and exclusives, these codes will unlock. The gamers might have to wait a little more till PUBG New Sate fully and completely launches on November 11th worldwide.

After that, it is completely assured that PUBG studios will definitely be launching more and more unique codes to attract and bring in new players to increase the number of players.


All the gamers have to follow some easy steps to unlock and attain the exclusive New State Redeem Codes. Some codes were available during the initial test that took place on October 4th and some of the codes are very active as well.

  • Open PUBG on your mobile device.
  • Go to the IN-GAME store, after launching the app.
  • Under the gift code -you will have a box to enter your code.
  • If the code is working and valid, you will get a message about all the things you just unlocked.


  1.  “6N6V7-WJDXE-KGFM4Y”
  2. “09CUY094RG250KW” – exclusive free item
  3. “7IV1P1KLLOUKV” – Get a free item
  4. “6PSXNVN251BTG” – exclusive free item.
  5. “E45KQXI09C6IH09” – get a free item
  6. “DDSJJCZCDZ9U “- New state AKM skin
  7. “HTDS709FTU2XJ” – New state M416 gun skin
  8. “BDGRAAZBZJGS “- New state M416 skin
  9. “P09HZDBTFZ95U” – New state M416 skin code
  10. “Q16KARZBZYTR “-New state Kar909 gun skin.
PUBG New State Redeem Code 2022
PUBG New State Redeem Code 2023

Use them and unlock the exclusive Items. For more information about PUBG New State Redeem Code Here

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