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League of Legends Tournament of Souls Guide


League of Legends Tournament of Souls Guide: Looking for a perfect combo to use and a comprehensive tutorial on how to defeat every soul fighter champion in the Tournament of Souls? Then stop searching because we have you covered.

In League of Legends, the Tournament of Souls is a captivating metagame where Samira assumes centre stage as she advances to the top of the tournament. To win, one must perfect the technique for eliminating every soul fighter champion that is present in the game.

With the addition of the Arena and Tournament of Souls, the new Soul Fighter event is positively bursting at the seams with action. The League of Legends client offers access to the Tournament of Souls metagame. Samira must be defeated in the game by using her special skills and movesets to take out the other Soul Fighters.

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League of Legends Tournament of Souls Guide
League of Legends Tournament of Souls Guide

On the other side, defeating foes, particularly in expert mode, may be rather challenging since it calls for the right movesets and time to be able to perform a solid play. However, if you’re having trouble, check out our comprehensive tutorial on how to win the League of Legends Tournament of Souls Expert Mode against Gwen, Lux, Naafiri, Jhin, Pyke, Sett, Shaco, Viego, and God Eye Viego.

League of Legends Tournament of Souls Guide:

This comprehensive tutorial will explain how to defeat champion soul fighters in League of Legends: Tournament of Souls. Make sure your sound is on since it will be crucial in various game stages. You’ll have to confront Gwen in the first round of the expert mode. As for Gwen, if you can’t stop her recovering, time will be a significant issue. It will take longer until you can beat the first foe because she has the capacity to recover a significant portion of her health, which is something that shouldn’t happen.

Starting the game, use W to swap from the gun to the sword to acquire one stack of Style. Then, use Q and W to do damage, heal (double heal if used after E), and continue to inflict damage. There will be a prompt when Gwen is about to heal, so get ready to press E to administer the wound effect. In some circumstances, Gwen will be unstoppable and her damage will be lessened. Having stated that, using significant destructive talents, especially your ultimate, is not recommended.

How to Defeat Lux in LoL Tournament of Souls:

Timing is crucial while facing Lux; failing to do so will make the duel a huge hassle. One of Lux’s most useful skills is her shield, which she may use to lessen the damage she takes, and her ultimate, which 100% one-shots you. You just need to time your skills to coincide with Lux’s use of her shield and ultimate, which she will alternatively employ between basic assaults. Therefore, you must save W for the ultimate and E for when the shield is active. For her other strikes, do not utilise W because of its lengthy cooldown.

You need to apply damage whenever you can, as much as possible. Jhin may be defeated in a manner similar to how you would counter him in a typical League game. Jhin will release four bullets. However, the fourth shot needs to be stopped with W since it does a lot of damage. The same holds true for his ultimate. When he is going to fire his fourth shot, you may tell by looking at the bullets just beneath you.

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