How to Copy Controls to Others in COD Mobile |Season 7 Update

How to Copy Controls to Others in COD Mobile |Season 7 Update: The following article is about the How to Copy Controls to Others in COD Mobile |Season 7 Update. To learn more, see this article in Official Panda.

How to Copy Controls to Others in COD Mobile |Season 7 Update
How to Copy Controls to Others in COD Mobile |Season 7 Update

With the Season 7 update, Call of Duty: Mobile adds a game-changing feature that improves collaboration and coordination. The game has always been about heart-pounding action and intense combat. As we explore the fascinating world of copying controls in COD Mobile Season 7, prepare to embrace the burstingness of cooperative gaming and shared strategy. Get ready for an exciting adventure as we delve into the details of this cutting-edge innovation, sparking thrills that will improve your gaming experience!

How to Copy Controls to Others in COD Mobile |Season 7 Update

Having you Ever wished Cod Mobile had an easier method for copying and pasting your preferred hub controls? So stay tuned to the very end of this post because we’ll teach you precisely how to achieve it now without any problem. to be taught every step Before we begin, please verify that your COD mobile is updated to season 7 in order to use this new feature.

  1. Go to your Control Settings.
  2.  In the Layout section click on the Cloud layout Option.
  3.  You will find two Cloud layouts that can be copied to your other clouds.
  4. At the Bottom of the Layouts You will see Number and a Copy button .
  5. Choose the Layout your Want to Copy Example Layout one and copy the number below it.
  6. Next Click on Use in the Layout where you went to paste the copied Layout Example layout two.
  7. Go to the search tap paste copy code and click preview to view the Controls.
  8. Everything looks good Click save and use.

You are done you have successfully Copied your controls from layout one to layout two.

Copying Controls to another account but it Showed invalid data . So unfortunately you can only copy your own Controls and not Someone else’s . While i had hoped for this feature to be available for all players that can copy others its not Possible at the Moment .

COD Mobile Season 7 Update

The upcoming Season 7 of Call of Duty: Mobile will bring new features and content, including new weaponry. Before players can start the , they need to know the map, weapon, multiplayer mode, and other pertinent information.

This SMG has a low firing rate and limited mobility but good damage and accuracy. It may be tailored with different attachments and camos, making it perfect for medium- to long-range conflicts. Reaching Battle Pass Tier 21 will get you free access to the Striker 45.With the Season 7 update, Call of Duty: Mobile includes the Control Copy function. Which changes the way players collaborate with their colleagues. This new feature, which has whisper around squads and clans, lays the door for seamless collaboration and increased gameplay.

Safeguard, a new multiplayer mode introduced in Season 7. Requires players to guide a robot to its objective while it is susceptible to hostile fire. There are two sides in this mode: attackers and defenders. Attackers must guide the robot to the opposing base, while defenders must stop them with gunfire or explosives. If the robot sustains too much damage, it will reboot and shut down, halting its progress.

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