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Overwatch Season 6 Patch Notes, Release date, Story Missions more


Overwatch Season 6 Patch Notes: The first of a series of online cooperative first-person shooter video games, Overwatch was launched in 2016, and Overwatch 2, created by Blizzard Entertainment, will be released in 2022.

According to Blizzard, the move is all about reaching out to players where they are and making it as simple as possible for them to access and play their games. In actuality, Overwatch 2 is only the first of several Blizzard games that will be available on Steam. Although 50 GB of hard disc space is required for Overwatch 2, it is becoming more and more typical for new video games to have sizes similar to this.

On their page listing system requirements, Blizzard openly quotes a 50 GB download size. Looking for some Overwatch patch notes? provides all the information you need about the game’s constantly evolving environment. A running list of the patch notes for 2023 is provided below.

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Overwatch Season 6 Patch Notes
Overwatch Season 6 Patch Notes

Remember to save this page so you can stay up with the latest developments in everyone’s favourite shooter. Since Overwatch 2, Orisa has seemed more and more vulnerable with each patch. This is mostly due to the fact that she was almost unstoppable for a considerable amount of time. The introduction of Sombra boosts and the acquisition of direct counters to her Ultimate by a number of Heroes didn’t help. It feels fitting that the strength has increased.

Overwatch Season 6 Patch Notes:

The Vortex projectile’s physics usually seem off. This set of Overwatch patch notes aims to fix this problem and make deployment a little simpler. No Ram fans, in my opinion, will object. Down, up, up, down. One of the most altered values in game history must be Rein’s shield’s health. Rein should be able to persevere a little bit longer due to this. His shield now feels like the cardboard that makes up his most recent premium skin as a result of higher DPS stats.

Reloading manually now takes just 1.6 seconds instead of 2. This has no bearing on the 2 seconds that pass automatically while being turned into a ball. A fan of Wrecking Ball? Are we certain? Do I have a birthday? This is more of a shift in quality of life than it is a buff. The majority of Hammond players never reload other than in Ball form. This is still nice. I don’t think Sojourn needs to be improved.

However, when it comes to the spread, this will make her gun feel less like a guess. Soldier is a challenging Hero to control. At some levels, he either exudes dominance, or you fail to recognise his selection at all. With these adjustments, he will be able to stay in the box for a little while longer and sustain a certain amount of DPS over time. Beware of Pharaoh.

Support changes:

We anticipated the Discord Orb nerf, but I believe the majority of us believed it would be detrimental. Instead, this will compel Zen players to swap Orb targets less frequently while also being more discriminating. In all honesty, the shift is good. I believe that we all anticipated this transition.

Everyone’s favourite cowboy has a new MagNade ability that is incredibly potent. Although I’m unsure of the extent to which these adjustments can calm it down, it’s something to bear in mind. We are likely to discover from this that the Blizzard developers were unaware of how much people prefer harm to crowd management. The main fire damage will probably go unnoticed, but the gradual amount alterations will.

Those that play Genji are not the only ones affected by The Fire. Along with damage and eliminations, Fire also gains power via assists, healing, saves, capturing/contesting objectives, increased damage, and crowd control. To raise your Fire score, pay attention to which heroes on your team are On Fire and provide a hand to them.

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