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FiFa 23 Update 1.23 Patch Notes


FiFa 23 Update 1.23 Patch Notes: The 1.23 FIFA 23 update is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. The most recent update, as stated in the official Fifa 23 1.23 patch notes, fixes problems with Fifa Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, overall audio, and visuals. To improve the overall gaming experience, Fifa 23 patch 1.23 also adds performance enhancements and stability fixes.

After installing the update, gamers can anticipate more stable gameplay and fewer crashes. To get the most out of the game, it is advisable to install and download the most recent patch.

Fifa 23 Update 1.17 Patch Notes
Fifa 23 Update 1.23 Patch Notes

Fifa 23 Update 1.23 Patch Notes

There are a lot of changes in this new patch, for making the game worth for playing for the users and more user-friendly. The changes divide into the groups below:

The FIFA Ultimate Team

The following changes about the FUT are below.

When previewing a swap between player items that are out of position, a chemistry indicator is in add to the player items. Pack opening animations have been removed for streamlined operation while redeeming Stadium Items from Objectives, Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and FUT Champions awards.

Several screens that would show up before a player would start a FUT moment have been removed.

A player item’s secondary placements are now shown in the upper left corner of the screen when utilizing the Actions radial menu. The Top 200 crest that appears in squad battles has been updated to a more contemporary style. The most recent update also includes enhancements to the game’s stability and performance, guaranteeing players a more seamless and pleasurable gaming experience.

The Gameplay

The following change in the gameplay is below.

The middle part of the goal is the only area of the goal that can use for chipping penalty shots. lowered the total loft of the ball’s trajectory for chipped penalty kicks. increased chance of standing tackles recovering the ball. For all surface passes, the ball’s velocity has increased. ChipShots accuracy has risen. Penalty shots have an extremely high chance of missing the mark entirely while the composure ring is red.

On Pro, World Class, and Legendary challenges, the CPU AI is more likely to play with a direct classic approach. Only headed passes requested with shot input are affected by the Assisted Headers set – up, which no longer affects headed passes made without the help of a shot. This implies that in order to excel at higher difficulty levels, gamers will have to fall back extra upon their own abilities and tactics. If you’re up for the challenge, the rising difficulty can also make for a more beneficial and rewarding gaming experience.

Issues in Career Mode

During Playable Highlights, the scoreboard in-game displayed incorrect information. Post-match conversations may occasionally include inquiries that are unrelated to the circumstances. It’s possible that the player’s team unintentionally has fewer playable highlights than the opponents in some situations. AI managers occasionally sold an excessive number of players without substituting them. It was not always clear from the league table which teams had qualified for European competitions.

A selected player’s league is in display incorrectly in the Transfers tab. Sometimes the Manager’s Favour of getting UI would not display properly. There were not enough teams competing in the Portuguese Cup. Post-match interviews may occasionally include inquiries that are unrelated to the circumstances. It is possible to count an own goal scored by the Lifeform team as a goal scored by the opposition.

Throughout scenes involving transfers, goalkeepers were still sporting their gloves. There have been some instances where a player’s career-starting activity was absent. Some incorrect news items and text have been successfully in the update. Greater OVR players have a greater chance to receive kit numbers that are usually linked with their games, which is an improving automatic kit number selection. A stability problem that might arise when simulating matches is fix.


The following issues present in this segment which is fix under the new patch is below.

In VOLTA FOOTBALL, seasonal XP sometimes can appear as zero. The VOLTA Shop’s object rarities weren’t properly labeling. Rather than the set corner kick taker, the Pro Clubs’ captain of the team would take them. The post-match Pro Clubs progression tvs did not take that into account when you are trying to play in any position. And during Pro Clubs games, the camera is being solely focusing on the taker of a free kick to including all of their teammates. The birth year may change by itself while editing an avatar. In VOLTA FOOTBALL costume editing, socks occasionally appeared through shoes. After trying to play skill games, the lighting of the menu background might change.

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