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AEW Fight Forever vs WWE 2k23 Which Is The Better


AEW Fight Forever vs WWE 2k23: WWE 2K23 is a professional wrestling video game released in 2023 by Visual Concepts and distributed by 2K.

It is the twenty-fourth edition in the WWE video game series, the tenth game under the WWE 2K label, and the sequel to WWE 2K22. All Elite Wrestling is a pro wrestling organisation located in Jacksonville, Florida. It is the second largest wrestling promotion in the United States, after WWE.

AEW Fight Forever, like the product on television, provides wrestling fans with an alternate game that is enjoyable for a variety of reasons. Both games feature lineups full with rising stars and legends. Players may have fantasy bouts and brawls both inside and outside the ring. However, just with TV programmes and pay-per-view events, it’s difficult not to compare wrestling matches from the two most popular promotions outside of Japan.

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aew fight forever vs wwe 2k23
aew fight forever vs wwe 2k23

AEW Fight Forever and WWE 2K23 are equivalent despite their aesthetic variances. Players may quickly grasp the mechanics and have exciting competitive bouts. From WWF No Mercy to WWE Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain, both wrestling games incorporate and steal aspects from some of the finest wrestling games ever produced. Let’s see how the two games compare.

Accessibility Settings:

WWE 2K23 is the obvious victor when it comes to accessibility options that cater to gamers from all walks of life. At a time when most developers are going out of their way to produce games for everyone, AEW must provide features for players who may struggle with the controls otherwise.

Consider the pinning and submission mechanism. Most players find it impossible to kick out after a finisher in AEW Fight Forever, and short of damaging numerous gaming pads, it’s too difficult to escape, therefore negating the idea of a momentum metre. Because it doesn’t work, the pinning mechanism in AEW Fight Forever is horrible.

Any players who have problems that limit the mobility of their hands or movements will struggle with Fight Forever’s methodology. In comparison, wrestling fans in WWE 2K23 may pick between two pinning methods and customise every part of the system using sliders to meet their own preferences.

Pick Up And Play:

Where AEW Fight Forever differs from the old AKI wrestling games is that it is simple to learn and play.The controls are not overly difficult. The signature and finishing techniques are simpler than in WWE 2K23.

The beauty of AEW’s gaming concept is that even non-wrestling enthusiasts can hop in without having to continually pause the game to review the manoeuvres list. Even better, Fight Forever manages to do so without veering into arcade fighting game territory, thanks to a plethora of manoeuvres and complexity.

The Roster:

AEW Fight Forever boasts an impressive roster of wrestling superstars and rising prospects. Sting, Chris Jericho, Owen Hart, Paul Wight, and others appear. The WWE, on the other hand, boasts a large roster of characters from NXT, Smackdown, and Raw. Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Vader, Goldberg, The Ultimate Warrior, and Harley Race are among the legends.

There are around 240 wrestlers to choose from in WWE 2K23. AEW Fight Forever features roughly 50, with more to come through DLC. WWE 2K23 comes out on top, with a diverse lineup of legends and current stars.

Character Creations:

WWE 2K23 features some of the greatest character building options available in gaming, let alone wrestling games. AEW Fight Forever cannot compete, yet it is the opening game of a series. The WWE 2K series character creation community is devoted and keeps gamers coming back till the sequels are out.

Using the resources at their disposal, the WWE 2K community has created realistic renditions of AEW stars like as MJF and Kenny Omega, who paradoxically look better than the character models in AEW Fight Forever. Having said that, Fight Forever still offers several useful tools. Creating a finisher list and move sets is detailed, and it gives players options with custom characters and the official roster.

Match Selection:

The most significant disadvantage of AEW Fight Forever is the lack of features and match kinds. The bouts are enjoyable and simple to learn, but unlike WWE 2K23, there is no option to change the rules of a match. There are no tornado tag teams or 8-man tags, nor can players form elimination Survivor Series or Iron Matches.

Given how many gimmick and 10-man fights occur in AEW, a lack of Iron Man battles, Dog Collar matches, and gigantic tag team bouts appears to be a wasted opportunity. Furthermore, WWE 2K23 includes the Hell in a Cell bout, which is enjoyable in both multiplayer and single-player modes.


WWE 2K23 outperforms AEW Fight Forever in a solid debut in the wrestling genre. AEW Fight Forever has the makings of a terrific series. Furthermore, Yukes’ decision to support the game with updates and DLC rather than an annual release cycle will result in more content, accessibility features, and gameplay improvements. However, WWE 2K23 remains the finest wrestling game experience between the two largest organisations in the United States.

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