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Madden 24 X Factors List, Update and abilities


Madden 24 X Factors: Welcome to the thrilling world of Madden 24, where your potential as a player can be unlocked. The intriguing new X-Factor skills added in the most recent Madden NFL game will be discussed in this article. You will be able to rule the virtual field with the help of these skills, making you a formidable opponent. So put your virtual shoes on, grab your controller, and get ready to enter the world of Madden 24!

The X-Factor skills will provide a whole new level of excitement and strategy to your games, regardless of how experienced a Madden player you are or how fresh to the game you are. These talents are created to provide specific individuals special capabilities that can quickly change the course of a game. Mastering these abilities will give you the advantage over your competitors, from quarterbacks with pinpoint accuracy to running backs with lightning-quick speed. So be ready to dominate the virtual gridiron in Madden 24 and show off your skills!

Madden 24 X Factors
Madden 24 X Factors

Madden 24 X Factors

The Minds Behind

You have the strategic ability to change the course of any game as the player. Your play-calling is unmatched with “The Mastermind” X-Factor ability. You have the remarkable ability to read the defensive formations of the opposing team and modify your offensive approach accordingly. With the help of this X-Factor, you can spot defensive flaws, take advantage of them, and guide your side to victory with well-planned moves.

You can predict the manoeuvres of the opposing side and make split-second decisions that can change the course of the game thanks to this X-Factor skill. You are a force to be reckoned with on the pitch because to your unmatched strategic thinking and agility since you consistently keep one step ahead of your rivals. With “The Mastermind” X-Factor, you elevate to an indispensable member of your squad, guiding them to victory with your unrivalled ability to call plays and identify defensive weaknesses.

A Deadeye

Your arm is a deadly weapon, and with “The Deadeye” X-Factor, you can turn yourself into a quarterback who can throw pin-point accuracy under pressure. You possess the poise and dexterity to thread the needle with ease, regardless of the defensive pressure or the complexity of the pass. Your team’s offensive effectiveness will increase and opposing defenders will be intimidated by your receivers’ confidence that the ball will be delivered precisely where it needs to be.

You have the capacity to make split-second decisions and modify your throws to overcome any defensive challenge thanks to your lethal arm and “The Deadeye” X-Factor. Defenders will be perplexed by your accuracy as you move with ease through small spaces and throw the ball with perfect time. Due to your team’s near-unstoppable offensive game plan, your opponents will be in awe of your unmatched accuracy and strategic acumen.

The Juggernaut

The defence cowers in fear when you have the ball in your hands. You can transform into an unstoppable force as a running back with “The Juggernaut” X-Factor. You have an unrivalled blend of strength, agility, and speed that enables you to avoid opponents, break tackles, and make every run potentially game changing. As you plough through the defence, leaving a path of broken tackles in your wake, your adversaries will find it difficult to bring you down.

You are a nightmare for any defender attempting to stop you due to your explosive power and quick thinking. You become an unstoppable force while your “The Juggernaut” X-Factor is active, easily fending off would-be tacklers. The opposition struggles to contain you due to your unrivalled blend of physicality and finesse.

A hitman

When you activate “The Hitman” X-Factor, defensive players are afraid of you. Your bone-crushing tackles and commanding presence fill the offensive players with dread. It’s possible for you to execute bone-jarring hits that not only separate the ball from the receiver but also have a long-lasting effect on the game thanks to your remarkable power, speed, and instincts. Opposing offences must pause before sending anyone your way since they run the chance of being involved in a collision that could change the course of the game.

Your opponents are cautious of running into you because of your reputation as a powerful force on the pitch. The anxiety induced in offensive players by your ability to read plays and anticipate actions is amplified by the knowledge that even a split-second hesitation could lead to a devastating collision with your overwhelming force.

Madden 24 X Factors Player List

  • Travis Kelce
    TE | Chiefs | Superstar X-Factor
  • Aaron Donald
    RE | Rams | Superstar X-Factor
  • Myles Garrett
    RE | Browns | Superstar X-Factor
  • Aaron Donald
    RE | Rams | Superstar X-Factor
  • Davante Adams
    WR | Raiders | Superstar X-Factor
  • Patrick Mahomes
    QB | Chiefs | Superstar X-Factor
  • Tyreek Hill
    WR | Dolphins | Superstar X-Factor
  • Cooper Kupp WR | Rams | Superstar X-Factor
  • Jalen Ramsey
    CB | Dolphins | Superstar X-Factor
  • Nick Chubb
    HB | Browns | Superstar X-Factor
  • Stefon Diggs
    WR | Bills | Superstar X-Factor
  • Nick Bosa
    RE | 49ers | Superstar X-Factor
  • Fred Warner
    MLB | 49ers | Superstar X-Factor
  • George Kittle
    TE | 49ers | Superstar X-Factor
  • Justin Jefferson
    WR | Vikings | Superstar X-Factor
  • Chris Jones
    DT | Chiefs | Superstar X-Factor
  • Micah Parsons
    ROLB | Cowboys | Superstar X-Factor
  • Christian McCaffrey
    HB | 49ers | Superstar X-Factor
  • Joe Burrow
    QB | Bengals | Superstar X-Factor
  • Mark Andrews
    TE | Ravens | Superstar X-Factor
  • Maxx Crosby
    LOLB | Raiders | Superstar X-Factor
  • Derwin James Jr
    SS | Chargers | Superstar X-Factor


You have control over Madden 24 as a player. The addition of X-Factor abilities raises the thrill and strategic complexity of the game to an altogether new level. There is an X-Factor skill that perfectly matches your playstyle, whether you rule the field with your intellect, arm, legs, or pure muscle. So, in Madden 24, accept the challenge, sharpen your talents, and establish yourself as a legend.

With the addition of X-Factor abilities, Madden 24 gives players the opportunity to completely customise their games. There is an X-Factor skill that fits your particular playing style, whether you prefer to dominate with unrestrained brawn or outwit opponents with your tactical choices. Accept the challenge, improve your game, and leave a lasting impression on the virtual field of play.

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