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Cyberpunk Update 1.64 Patch Notes


Cyberpunk 1.64 Patch Notes: CD Projekt Red designed and released the action role-playing video game Cyberpunk 2077, which is set in the year 2020. In Night City, an open-world game inspired by the Cyberpunk atmosphere, players command V, a customisable mercenary. V offers melee and ranged combat options, as well as the opportunity to learn mechanical and hacking abilities.

Cyberpunk 1.64 Patch Notes
Cyberpunk 1.64 Patch Notes

V is the main character of the narrative, and he must work with the other characters to escape the weird cybernetic implant that threatens to replace their identity and memories with those of a deceased celebrity that only V can detect. By doing so, they can prevent V from dying.

Cyberpunk 1.64 Patch Notes

Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.64 is currently accessible for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. There are various fixes for the gameplay and quests in this release. For further details, view the list of changes.

In the action role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077, a mercenary named V has a voice, face, hairstyles, physical type and alterations, history, and wardrobe that can all customise. Solo (fighting), Techie (machinery), and NetRunner (hacking) are the three character classes available to players.

The stat categories Body, Intelligence, Reflexes, Technical, and Cool are affect by these character classes. Military-grade capabilities are accessible on the black market; cyberware implants must update and obtained via a “ripperdoc”. The rarity of any piece of equipment is denoted via a coloured tier system.

V has the ability to run, aim, leap, double jump, and slide. Close-combat weaponry can be used to counter melee strikes. Power, Tech (which can penetrate), and Ranged are the three types of ranged weaponry.

Patch Notes Bug Fixes 

Fixed an issue where, after visiting the venue, certain concerts would remain in the “Undiscovered” stage.

Instead of overhead subtitles, numerous crowd NPCs in Rancho Coronado had regular subtitles.

Bloodsport – V won’t be seen standing backwards in the dojo restroom mirror any more.

Gig: Last Login – Resolved a problem where the task would stop if the quest item was picked up before the quest began.

A farewell performance Fixed a problem that prevented you from entering the automobile with Flavio.

Gig: Serial Suicide – Because of this problem, the “Steal the CCTV footage” objective of the quest became stuck after it had complete.

Blood in the Air: Reported Crime – The quest’s “Search the crate” aim was stuck even after the box had been searched due to a problem that was fixed.

The bug that prevented stockpiling searches was fix by Comrade Red, who report the crime.

Patch Notes General Fixes

Fixed an issue in which dialling Mitch twice while selecting a blue dialogue option might cause the call to remain locked on the screen indefinitely.

V crashed after entering another nation due to a glitch in All Along the Watchtower.

Chippin’ In – It is now possible to read all of Ebunike’s hints discreetly.

Gimme Danger – The journal’s goal-lacking problem was resolve.

I Walk the Line – A bug that might have resulted in V crashing in the midst of the mission has fix.

Due to a problem, Panam now spawns in front of the garage rather than inside the hotel.

Machine Gun: A bug that prevented the discussion with Skippy from starting has fix, making it possible to unequip Skippy after 50 kills.

Never Fade Away: Fixed an issue that arose when Rogue left the Atlantis sofa and stopped the action.

Only Pain: A glitch where players couldn’t complete the “Defeat the cops” objective because the officers weren’t at the designat location has been corrected.

As a precaution, an issue that caused platforms and holograms to disappear from the procession after loading an auto save has patch.

Takemura’s failure to call to start the parade assignment due to a glitch has fix.

Pyramid Song: A glitch that, when Judy entered the church, threw her underneath.

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